Honestly: Researching your coworkers

By a show of hands, how many people have worked with people they didn’t really like? Just about everybody has experienced coworkers who are dissident, difficult, or downright unpleasant. On the flip side, some of us have had coworkers that were an absolute joy to work with. Getting the inside scoop on people can be extremely helpful before going to work for a company or into business with someone.

Honestly.com, is a new site that allows you to research coworkers, friends, bosses, or just about anyone. It contains candid community-created reviews of business professionals which can help you find the best rated coworkers in the marketplace.

Honestly Home

Honestly is integrated with Facebook. This provides a level of screening of its users. Once logged in people can send requests to their contacts to write reviews of them, and they can write reviews of people they know. An example review page features Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina (see screen shot below). Here people who worked with them can submit their thoughts about their experience.

When requesting a review it brings up all your Facebook friends. Messages can be sent by posting to their wall or by sending them a private message. Honestly will never publish anything to your Facebook profile without your permission. When filling out a review it prompts you with the following information.

  • Star Rating. Are they a one star employee or five star.
  • Position that they worked
  • Detailed Ratings. These are best out of ten ratings of their skills, productivity, relationships, and integrity.
  • Professional Strengths and areas for improvement. Here people can add their own comments.

One of the reasons the reviews on Honestly are so accurate is that they’re anonymous. People can leave their compliments to their boss without appearing like they’re trying to get on their good side. At the same time they have the security to be honest with their critiques without fear of retribution.

Meg and Carly- Honestly reviews

Let’s say you work for a company that allowed their secretary to politic through the ranks all the way up to Vice President. (This is a hypothetical situation which bears no correlation to real life activities). In lieu of competence they use their influence to run everyone ragged such that nobody can challenge their authority. Anyone who dares criticize them would be pummeled with more work and then axed for not accomplishing it. As we all know talking to HR is a futile, career ending move. (Again, this situation has no relevance to any resignation agreements that may or may not have been signed). Drinking your troubles away leads to unwanted liver ailments and relational fallout. This is where Honestly comes in. You can provide your honest opinion of this person in its public safe forum. On the flip side, let’s say your favoritest coworker finds themselves at the end of their rope and burns out and quits. Here also Honestly is a great place to include your undying adorations of this coworker.

The profile contains all the reviews people have made about you and all the reviews you have created. The latter are only viewable by you to maintain your anonymity. It has a career page where you can add each company and position you’ve worked. This makes it easier for people to find you. It also creates one of the best parts about Honestly- the fact that you can search by company to get a list of its coworkers. This makes it easy to gauge the general dynamic of a corporate culture.

Who we work with has a profound effect on our lives. The right coworkers can make going to the office truly an enjoyable experience. Difficult workers can take a toll on your life. Honestly gives you the ability to learn from the experiences of others so that you can have a happier and more successful career.

Honestly died a loud and public death. Some start-ups fall away with little fanfare. Not Honestly. They ticked off a few people along the way, without the upside of success. We wish them well, however, in their new venture with TalentBin.

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