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There’s one thing that all websites have in common. They want people to get the word out about their site. In an ideal world every person that visits your site will tell their friends about it. They would announce it on Facebook. Paint it on their car. Tattoo it on their forehead or preferably, a more appropriate appendage.

But people don’t do that. Not even your disinterested girlfriend who cares little for all that time you spend on the computer. Promoting your website takes dedicated effort. What if there was a way to lure people to click on those sharing buttons? Entice them, and offer them a carrot they can’t resist. Well, there is. That carrot is called InviteBox. They provide a new tool to foster a culture of sharing for your users.

InviteBox Home

InviteBox allows you to create a custom widget which you can embed on your site. This widget offers multiple ways to compel even the most ardent web surfers to share your page.

The InviteBox widget is simple to configure. Just select the options you like and cut and paste the code snippet into your site. There are four ways you can entice your users to share.

  • Display Text. This will display some text. You can reveal a promo code for example.
  • Redirect to another page. You can send your users to a page that is only accessible after they share your site.
  • Unlock Screen. When this is set it locks the page by placing a semi-transparent pane on it making it inaccessible. To unlock the page you must share the site.
  • Execute custom Javascript. This option is for advanced users and they can customize any kind of reward they choose.

InviteBox also has the option to make calls to your server so it can give out different promo codes each time, or any other action. On top of that it can be configured with their referral rewards program. Rewards are granted after the people they referred visit the site. It’s up to site owners to determine what reward users get for their successful referrals.

Sharing is easy. You can select from a number of third party sites including Facebok, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, and LinkedIn. Just allow InviteBox to access your address book, select three or more contacts to share and you’re done. For those who would like to see what reward awaits them, feel free to try the button below.


True to their calling, signing up for InviteBox is free- so long as you’re willing to share their site with three of your friends. I registered with Twitter, selected a random sampling of my many followers who want me to go on free vacations or refinance my home, and shared with them the good news about InviteBox.

InviteBox is truly an innovative solution to a long standing problem. They provide a creative and compelling way to assist with your ongoing marketing efforts. Most users won’t mind sharing your site with a few friends. Especially if they have some motivation to do so. InviteBox allows you to give them that motivation so that your site’s traffic will continue to grow.

  • Alex Tereshkin

    Thank you for the thoughtful review Steve! I have a feeling that you are explaining our product better than we do ourselves.

    > selected a random sampling of my many followers who want me to go on free vacations or refinance my home

    The funny thing is, it’s still good for us. You wrote about that online, so now more people will be going to our site to use the “trick”, which is exactly what we are trying to achieve. Besides, those free vacation guys sound like good prospects to me ;)

    1. Steve Gibson

      Yes, it’s a great marketing model. You never know what you’re getting into with new sites but next time I would share it with those I know to be web startups.

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