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Buying flowers can make a huge impact on someone’s life. I remember a friend once bought me a bouquet of flowers for my birthday. I didn’t talk to her for months and regifted them that afternoon.

Many people love getting flowers though. For Easter I got some close friends of mine a bouquet for their house. Within a day one of them had slyly moved them to her room since they ‘matched the room’ better. A few well timed flowers can make a girl float through her day. There are many occasions where flowers make the perfect gift.

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Finding the best floral gift to fit the occasion just got a lot easier. Missy Flowers provides an easily sortable collection of all the flowers available on the web. It collects the flowers offers from major providers and displays them in one location.

The ease with which flowers can be found on Missy Flowers makes it the best outlet to send flowers online. By default the main view contains all the flowers currently available. The left hand navigation contains a series of filters. Each can be applied to the main view. The categories are:

  • Occasions. Birthdays, housewarming, graduation, etc. Noticeably absent is the ever important, “I’m sorry I screwed up” category.
  • Flowers. Here you can select flower type such as roses, tulips, or hydrangeas. You can’t go wrong with Hydrangeas.
  • Colors
  • Plants. They offer rose plants, indoor plants, and even bonsai plants.
  • Gourmet gifts. Technically these aren’t flowers. OK, they’re not flowers at all; they’re more like cakes, cookies, or even pretzels. But they make good gifts for the same occasions that you would give flowers for.
  • Price. Here you can view flowers based upon your price range. Don’t let your girlfriend see you sorting by price.
  • Flower Sites. Missy Flowers aggregates flowers from multiple sites. If you only want to purchase flowers from a specific site then you can indicate that.

People can sift through any number of filters at a time. So if you want to find purple flowers for an upcoming housewarming party just select those two filters. Each selcted filter is displayed with an X so it’s easy remove and add a different ones.

The main view displays an image of each flower package across and down the page. When you hover over one a larger image pops up with the details including price and provider. When clicked it takes you directly to the page on the external site offering the flowers. Honorably†, it opens the page in the same window so you don’t end up with a ton of browser windows open. Also, Missy Flowers boasts a feature dubbed infinite scrolling. When the current set of filters returns more results than anyone could possibly view, it only displays a manageable subset. As the user scrolls down and reaches the bottom of the page more results are automatically added. This is a great alternative to creating a bunch of separate pages that you have to navigate through.

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Missy Flowers doesn’t manage the transaction for the purchase. When people click on a flower link they’re taken to the site providing the offer. When a purchase is made the site sends a referral fee to Missy Flowers. These sites include 1-800-Flowers*, FTD*, Teleflora*, ProFlowers*, From You Flowers*, KaBloom, Pickup Flowers, Flora2000, FloraFlora, Organic Bouquet, Flowers Fast, Grower Flowers. The ones with the star(*) offer an additional gift such as a vase or discount. These gifts are available when clicking from the links at the top of Missy Flowers’ page. There’s also a list of coupons and special promo codes for more flower savings.

True to its ideals, 25% of its profits are donated to charity. They support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation, Kiva, and World Vision.

Missy Flowers is the quickest and easiest way to view and sort all the flowers available online. It provides discounts not readily available on the provider’s sites and donates a portion of its proceeds to good causes. For those looking for the perfect gift for almost any occasion, Missy Flowers is the easiest way to send flowers online.

† As a result of Missy Flowers opening links in the same windows, SlapStart will also have all future links open in the same window. It’s a much preferred navigation experience.

  • Michael Wong

    Thank you for a wonderfully comprehensive review, Steve! I am very grateful. :-)

    I am honoured that as a result of using my website you have decided to also have your links open in the same window. I agree – I think it is a preferred navigation experience.

    Don’t forget that users do have the option to open links in new windows if they wish, simply by right clicking and selecting the open in new/duplicate tab/window option.

  • Michael Wong

    Steve, I forgot to say thanks for letting us know we accidentally left out the “I’m sorry I screwed up” category.

    We have just added it to Missy Flowers. It will be there for you if you ever need to say sorry. ;-)

    Thanks again!

    1. Steve Gibson

      Well, preventative flower giving is always preferred. If you wait until you’re in trouble it may be too late! :)

  • Michael Wong

    Haha! I totally agree. :-)

    Steve, I have just received the additional feedback from you. They are priceless! Thank you for your suggestions. I will add them to the to-do list right away. Thank you for everything.

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