Rhythmshare: Be seen, be heard

Rhythmshare turned into TweetMySong. We have our doubt as to the utility of Twitter, but that’s a different conversation for a different day. Congrats to Rhythmshare for continuing the start-up challenge!

The Tryers and the Wannabes- that’s the name of the band we always used to joke about starting. In a sense, that’s the name of all bands that have yet to make it big. They have their fliers, maybe some album art. Heck, I was in a band where the bassist decided we needed a banner to help set us apart. Despite the fact that we were a pop rock band, we found ourselves a medieval flag to hang at our lackluster concerts. The only thing that saved us was a lead singer that was fabulous looking. She certainly turned heads, standing in stark contrast to the gaudy decorations behind her.

Bands all around the world attempt to make their mark. What used to be fliers stuck on poles has moved to posts to Facebook and Tweets. Bands have flocked online to make their announcements. Historically Myspace was the online destination of choice for bands. In the wild world of web things change, and they change fast. Just yesterday TechCrunch announced MySpace’s complete surrender to Facebook.


The astute observer will quickly note though that Facebook is hardly a destination site for music. Sure they made some motions at integrating with Reverbnation, but nobody really uses it. Facebook is a place for friends, not bands.

Moving full speed ahead into the wide open online music void, is Rhythmshare.com. They’re making a beeline, for the gap in destination sites for upcoming bands. Essentially, once you put your music together, have a lousy flag, and an off key but oh so easy on the eyes singer, find your way over to Rhythmshare.

Like many websites Rhythmshare uses a third party service to register for an account. In this case they use Twitter, but they are much more intentional about the integration. Once logged in, all your comments and uploads are tweeted to your account. You can also integrate your account with Facebook so that they’ll be pushed to your wall as well. So when you upload a video, single track, or mixtape they’ll both be added to your Rhythmshare account and also announced to your Twitter and Facebook friends. (Mixtape is the industry term for playlist.) It also let’s you upload album art, (which in most cases will be an image of a flag.)

Browsing Rhythmshare is as easy as selecting a genre and checking out the music. You can search by bands you already know or sift through the page. Each song has an embeddable player and if the artist allows, they can also be downloaded. Each song has its own page which displays stats including total number of plays and unique plays. Unique plays is particularly interesting in that it only records the first time a user plays the song. It gives a little more insight into how much people like the song. If there are 4 unique plays and hundreds of plays, that just means everyone in the band has a supportive girlfriend, (with a flag).

Anytime you start talking about bands and websites you have to start thinking about having friends or followers. After all that’s the whole point, right? My inner web junkie cries a little thinking about accumulate another 4000+ friends for another website. Rhythmshare.com thought this one through as well. They integrate your followers with Twitter. Meaning, if I find an artist I like I can follow them. It will follow them via Twitter at the same time. It works exactly the same if they follow back. So my Rhythmshare followers will be a subset of my Twitter followers. I think it’s a brilliant solution in lieu of setting up an entirely separate friend system.

For the particular industrious musicians, or those who just can’t find the right banner for their songs, Rhythmshare offers a few promotional packages. To be a featured artists for a week it’s $25-50. Some packages include a tweeting service where they’ll send tweets on your behalf for a week as well. So if you have a concert coming up instead of hitting the pavement with a stapler and a pile of fliers, you can upload your top hit, best flag image, and let your faithful followers know.

Rhythmshare.com is the upcoming destination site for musicians. They make it exceptionally easy to promote your songs, videos, or mixtapes. Just upload them and press the tweet button. They take things a step further than the waning MySpace in that they allow you to embed their player anywhere on the web. (See example above). Being an aspiring musician is hard. It takes dedication, jousting, and occasionally some talent. With Rhythmshare people can find new music, and new artists can be found.

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