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Being a store manager takes a lot of work. You have employees, customers, and product, all of which have their own special needs and demands. Employees need training and direction, customers need timely assistance and counsel, and the product needs to not fall from the shelves crashing to the floor.

One of the keys to having successful employees is clearly communicating their schedule. People need to know when they’re expected to work so that they can plan their lives accordingly. This process is both tedious, monotonous, and time consuming. Oftentimes it’s handled by manually writing the next week’s schedule on a board or calendar.

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No longer. TimeForge offers retail employee scheduling software that takes all aspects of scheduling and moves them online. It not only handles the basic usage of defining jobs and allocating employees to time slots, but it has many custom features such as an AutoSchedulerTM and a bid shift system.

The AutoSchedulerTM is perhaps the best part about Time Forge’s scheduler. All you do is allocate the time slot and role, and then let the system select the employees. It means the schedule is done in seconds. Adjustments can then be made as needed. The Bid shift scheduling software allows staff members to build the schedules themselves, selecting time slots they would like. Managers can then approve shifts as they see fit.

Time Forge’s Scheduler comes with a free 10 day trial so I fired it up for a short test drive. As it turns out it’s quite easy to use. I quickly created an (unfortunately) imaginary donut shop. Employed at the shop would include me and no less than 14 super models. Suffice it to say, none of us would be very good at work but that would have no effect on a steady stream of customers showing up. (Perhaps I’ve inadvertently stumbled upon a new business concept!) Anyhow, adding the employees takes no time at all. Positions can be created and allocated a pay rate. Then employees can be added, (all 14 of them!) And finally the schedule can be created. At this point they’ll all be notified of their next shifts and eagerly await the opportunity to work at SlapStart Donuts.

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Now this scenario may seem entirely fictitious, yet the dollar saving are real. As the schedule is made it reports and tracks labor costs so you can immediately determine what the cost is to your business. It notifies you of all scheduling changes, if in the event an employee breaks a nail or comes up with something better to do at the last moment. More over, it makes scheduling easy so that you can get back to enjoying your job more than you ever have in your entire life. (Which has nothing to do with the super model scenario.)

It’s worth mentioning, Time Forge doesn’t just make a best of brand scheduling utility. They also provide an attendance monitoring application and an HR application as well. Basicallythey built an entire suite of web applications to manage your restaurant or retail store. It should also be noted that these system can be integrated with the leading point of sale applications and payroll providers.

TimeForge takes the headache out of scheduling your staff. With their in depth knowledge of the business they built restaurant scheduling software that goes beyond addressing the basic needs of scheduling, but also provides for shift swapping and automatic scheduling. Running a store takes a lot of work. Time Forge Scheduling takes some of that work back so that you can focus on the more interesting aspects of the business.

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