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One thing that’s nice about living in a small town is you get to know people. You meet them around town, at the store, and when you’re out for dinner. As is often the case community breeds more community. That is, people begin talking and then they meet others who become part of the group too.

When we browse the web however, we browse alone. We go from site, blog, web application, store, or ordering pizza, by ourselves. This is why social networks are so popular. They’re one of the few places online that you can connect with other people. What if you could pick up a conversation with people while you’re browsing? Like, let’s say you arrive at a website and there’s a chat utility that very much resembles a lobby. Well, you can. Welcome to VistorsCafe.

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VisitorsCafe provides a video chat utility that allows people to chat with others that are also visiting that site. It works like this. You navigate out to a site, let’s say You click the chat button and begin talking to others who are looking at the same site as you.

There are a multiple features with VisitorsCafe, some of which are configurable by site owners.

  • The chat box can be embedded in the page or open by a tab off to the side.
  • Matching rules can be established based upon gender, age, location, education level, job experience, or miscellaneous. Let’s say you have a site for kids, you might want to match same genders together as well as similar age groups. Their matching algorithm is hailed as Smart Matching, and is VistorsCafe’s patented secret sauce.
  • You can allow your users to chat with users on other, similar sites, or just with those on your own site. This is particularly helpful for sites with lower traffic so there will always be someone to chat with. It’s also a great way to lure people over to your site.
  • VisitorsCafe provide 24×7 monitoring of the chats as well as keeping updated blacklists of offending IPs. Let’s hope no SlapStart writers end up on such a list.

The default chat service is free. If sites would like they have the option to upgrade to the PRO version. This is a custom solution which can include custom design, matching options,  security options, or making it white label. Just let the VisitorsCafe team know the specific needs of your site.

Too often people browse the web lost, alone, and afraid. With VisitorsCafe they can find friends along the way. It makes for a great way to increase interaction for your site as well as draw in new users. It’s also a nice distraction while procrastinating. By requested invite only- get yours today.

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