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Putting together a video is fun. Collections of pictures, music, text, and video can be the perfect way to iconize an event or memory. These are often shared amongst friends on social networking sites so everyone can see and appreciate it.

There’s no shortage of tools to create videos. The most basic is Windows Movie Maker, which is a video editor that is both easy to use and limited in functionality. On the other end of the spectrum is Adobe’s Premiere PRO CS5, which can make professional film grade videos and effects. People spend years learning to use it or similar top end products. As more and more desktop applications are moving to online web applications, video editors have made their debut there as well. A new standout product just launched, Zeodia, which promises to be the leader in the world of online video editing and sharing.

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Zeodia has two notable distinctions that make it the next generation of video editing. The first is that it allows for a fair sampling of video editing functionality. That is, you can upload pictures, video, and music, and easily arrange them into a fluid video. These can be interspersed with text title pages or overlay text. All elements are then sequenced together with a variety of frame transition options in between them, such as fade in, scroll out, etc. But Zeodia then takes the editing process and does something with it that is long overdue. They made it collaborative. People have the option to invite others to share in the editing process and upload their own set of photos, music, and so on. This makes it so everyone who helped create the memory, can assist with building the video.

The way it works is so intuitive it’s hardly worth mentioning. You create a video, give it a title, and invite your friends to add their content. Each user then has the same view and access to the video. A few useful options include the ability to split videos that are uploaded into separate pieces. This is particularly helpful so you don’t have to find an alternate video editing tool to cut the portion of video that you want. You also have the option to turn off the sound of videos you upload so that they won’t conflict with the background music. The various pieces can be arranged by dragging and dropping.

Once the video is complete you can either preview it or create it. Creating it renders all the components into the final product. This can then be shared with your friends, or if you like, it can be made public to all Zeodia users. The export options include sending it to YouTube, Facebook, or downloading it in HD quality. The HD download is the only part of Zeodia that costs money, which is $2USD. They accept both PayPal and a lesser known form of payment, which is to allow you to pay by phone. Just call the number, enter the information provided by Zeodia, and the bill will be included in your monthly phone bill. I expect the latter form of payment will become increasingly popular over time.

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Zeodia’s provides three ways to recollect your shared video experience. First is sharing the video itself. This is dubbed ZShare. People can be given viewing access, editing access, or be listed as Story Members. Being a Story Member is similar to being tagged in a photo. The next options are called ZMap and ZCalendar. (Note that these must be said with a strong Italian accent.) ZMap allows you to select the location on the map where the video or pictures were taken. ZCalendar allows you to select the date or dates that encompass the event. These allow you to give your video context so people can remember when and where it was.

Creating a memorable video is like a gift. Those who get to watch it can remember the event with a sense of nostalgia. It can be the perfect cap on a trip, group project, or get together. Zeodia is the new way to make videos online. They allow you to make videos the same way the memories are made in the real world- together.

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