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I lost interest in math once I reached upper division classes. Differential equations, Linear Algebra- anything in that realm failed to hold my interest. I figured some types of computations were best left for those who genuinely cared. I recall one piece of mildly useful information from all my math classes though. Asymptotes. Asymptotes are lines such that the distance between a curve and the line approach zero as they trend to infinity. (Thanks Wikipedia!)

One place we see curves in real life are profit projection graphs. Invariably some person with a suit drums up a stock issue graph showing how profits will continually rise at an ever increasing rate. If they can successfully persuade the board that the curve will in fact increase then they can continue to wreak havoc upon the lives of their employees for another quarter. It’s all about the curve.

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One surefire way to ensure your profits approach zero is to rely on Google Adsense for revenue. It gives you the false impression that money is on the way. To be sure, people pay real tender to Google’s Adwords program. Unfortunately Google happens to notice it passing through their accounts and helps save you from the plague of wealth and privilege. They take nearly all of it. Effectively, they turn the X axis on your revenue graph into the asymptote of your profits. That is, profits approach zero such that they become indistinguishable with it. Somebody’s got to pay for all the non profit generating services Google provides, I suppose.

The reality is Google’s Adwords/Adsense program is likely their largest source of income. It’s also their largest vulnerability. Few publishers make money with their ads thus leaving the door wide open for competitors who might be a bit more generous. Waltzing right through this door is Ad Dynamo, offering a clean (and honest) 50% of the profits gained when publishers host their ads.

Ad Dynamo is a pay per click ad service for web and mobile devices. They connect advertisers with publishers on a keyword based system. For publishers you can select from a number of ad sizes, both image and/or text. Colors can be selected. Sites can be included and excluded based upon preferences.

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For Advertisers the service is even more attractive. They set up ads, enter the keywords they’d like to target, and then enter a maximum bid for each keyword. They can geo target their ads, selecting countries or regions that they’ll be displayed. If a user comes to a site that represents their keywords then their ad will be displayed. The bidding system is internal, behind the scenes. If two ads have competing keywords then the one with the highest bid will be displayed. Most often it’s not displayed at the full price though. Presumably, it’s displayed at just slightly higher than the second highest bid’s price. The advertiser isn’t charged until their ads are clicked and people arrive at their site. Advertisers can set a maximum amount of money to spend each day.

The publishers have advanced solutions available as well. The publishers plus program comes with search advertising which displays ads relevant to searched keywords. It has ad feeds which gives access to Ad Dynamo’s advertisng via automated feeds. And they have Ad Dynamo’s premium marketplace. Ad Dynamo + is available to select publishers, and those who have proven they provide quality clicks and targeted users. This opens the doors to greatly increasing profits and serving ads from top advertisers.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Google and enjoy using their services. The pricing model of their Adsense program however, turns every site that isn’t gynormous into just a hobby. It’s time for that to change. It’s time to try a new pay for click ad service.

  • Rick

    Hello! Do NOT go with Ad dynamo they rip you off, they wait till you earn good money from clicks then they start removing loads of money from your earnings making excuses its invalid clicks, i am not the only one suffering from this , they are a scamming site! sure they took nothing from your $20 but why would they thats nothing, when they can take earnings from the big fish who make $1,900 a month earnings and they take over half of that. this company is a FAIL.. Read around the internet there are many people having the same problems.

  • Ashu

    I think Google adsense work more fine than any of the websites in Market saying we are promoting your website through hig no of hits, adwords etc.. I agree with you Rick

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