Antengo: Mobile Microlistings

We’ve all seen scalpers on the street selling tickets. It’s easy enough to find them and haggle for some last minute seats. It’s almost more fun to go to games impromptu by walking down to the stadium. This is one of the many benefits to living in the city. To buy or sell everyday items though you have to find a computer, place and ad online, exchange multiple emails and phone conversations, and then finally meet in person.

That’s all about to change. Antengo is a recently launched iPhone app that connects buyers and sellers real time based upon location. It works like this. Let’s say you’re eating an enchilada and look across the room and see an old alarm clock you’ve been thinking about selling. Within a few minutes you can post the clock on Antengo’s network and potential buyers will be able to contact you and discuss purchasing it. They can see how far away you are and readily chat with you. This is affectionately dubbed hyper-local real-time mobile microlisting.

Antengo Home

Antengo has what it labels the supply chain and the demand chain. If you’re offering an item then it can be posted to the supply chain. If you’re looking for something then you can navigate to the demand chain to search for it. This will bring back a listing of all the items matching that description. You can also click on the map to see pinpoints of all the places the items are located. Taking the lazy route, you can click the closest one that fits your needs and start chatting with the person. From there you can select a place to meet and make the transaction.

Connecting with Antengo is easy as it’s built on top of Twitter. This allows users to talk in real time. It’s dubbed Anttweeting. Accounts are free for basic usage. Web stores or perhaps some industrious scalpers can upgrade to monthly plans that allow multiple posts a day and multiple campaigns. This has the added bonus of boosting traffic and keyword trending for your site. For individual use one post a day will most likely suffice, which is free for anybody.

There are a few things to note about Antengo’s service. For starters it runs on iOS. This includes iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. Let’s say you’re one of the holdouts who have yet to purchase one of Apple’s prized products. Just click on any of the mobile devices on Antengo’s homepage and you can post from the web using your Twitter account.

People would most likely find Antengo helpful when they’re looking to do something last minute. Let’s say you’re conducting a charitable event and need a few more volunteers. Or perhaps you’re looking for a carpool that morning, or need a hand moving some furniture. Whatever the reason, Antengo is a quick way to reach out to people.

Sometimes you want something right here and now and don’t feel like going through a lot of effort to get it. Antengo provides that. Just enter what you’re looking for or list your item that you’re looking to part with, and they take care of the rest. It’s a simple way to place real-time classifieds listings. Be it an alarm clock, couch, or tickets to a show, Antengo will help you find the right person to make the transaction.

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