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In today’s world it’s easy to create a website. From purchasing a domain name to putting basic or even moderately complex sites together, it takes very little time at all. It can be online in minutes to a few days. Many websites have the goal of generating income. And oftentimes they collect personal information or monitor their users’ activity. Even if a site isn’t really intended to generate income, as soon as site owners place a few ads, they become a business. They’re selling their advertising space and the attention of their users. The most well known of these providers, Google Adsense, requires sites to include specific privacy policy language to protect Google’s interests.

In Google Adsense’s case they make it easy for you by providing the exact text needed. But who has the time or expertise to create the correct legal language to properly protect their site and interests? Most people copy and paste from the many samples available online. After a few modifications and customizations they slap the text on a privacy policy page and call it a day. Invariably these efforts fall short and leave us open to being exploited by legal loopholes.* There are two ways to seal these loopholes protecting ourselves and our businesses. First you can hire a team of lawyers to understand all the offerings of your site and pay them to meticulously prepare the necessary rhetoric. Or, you can utilize a new tool to quickly prepare the document for you-


GeneratePrivacyPolicy generates a privacy policy for you. You’re given a six step questionnaire. Once completed it displays a custom made privacy policy designed for the specific needs of your site. Most questions are yes/no or check boxes. The types of questions are whether you sell anything or not, if you host ads on the site, or what you’ll do with your users’ contact information. They include all the questions that you wouldn’t otherwise think of.  It’s like having your own custom legal team, through a web application.

The resulting policy comes in three styles- formatted, plain text, and HTML. The language chosen leaves no room for interpretation, with proper legal terminology. It’s editable so you can further customize it to your site’s specific needs.  Once you review and make any updates all that’s left to do is copy the text to the appropriate location within your site.

Privacy Policy wizard

The site requires registration which allows it to keep track of your privacy policies. Premium accounts are free and you’re allowed to create as many privacy policies as you like. This is helpful in the event your site goes through different versions and upgrades. For instance, let’s say your site initially doesn’t use a newsletter but at a later date you add one. In order to update the policy you have the same options as before: Hire an entire law firm to discuss it over lunch, or generate a new policy with

GeneratePrivacyPolicy creates legalese so that we don’t have to. Its simple interface and step by step personal privacy policy wizard makes it a unique service. Let’s face it. For all the thousands of dollars that can go into a privacy policy, very few will read it. It’s just one of those things sites need to properly disclose how information is used and distributed on the site. With users can get their privacy policy completed in a matter of minutes so they can get back to building and promoting their sites.

* During this review we couldn’t help but notice that SlapStart lacked an appropriate privacy policy. Whoops! We have one now though. Thanks!

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