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Sometimes we need to confront realities that we’ve been avoiding. It may be that a relationship is bad, or that an employer isn’t the best choice.  Maybe we need to take an honest assessment of our health and get back in the gym. Whatever the case may be eventually we need to face the music and make changes in our lives.

There’s one fact however, that we need to all face together. It’s going to be hard for some people to embrace but it’s time that we once and for all come to terms with a reality of the internet. Craigslist is a terrible website. I don’t mean to be harsh or overly critical, but it’s an abomination that it has existed for so long. Were you to build a site like Craigslist and submit it to a best website contest it would come in dead last. The design is abysmal. It’s completely unregulated to the point of being a cesspool of illegal activity. Yet it’s currently the 35th most popular site in the world.

In the social network space we saw Friendster die a happy lonely death to be replaced by MySpace. MySpace is becoming a distant memory superseded by Facebook. Facebook will ultimately dry out and crawl to the edge of the internet wasteland to make way for something cooler, neater, and better. Yet in the online classifieds space Craigslist has endured since the inception of the web. Folklore has it that the site was founded by pioneers crossing the plains of Iowa in the early 1800s. And it has hardly changed since.

Krrb Home

For the love of all that is right, all that is good, and all that we stand for, something must be done to rid ourselves once and for all of the Craigslist plague. Arising to this challenge enters Krrb. They’re a new gladiator in the online classifieds arena armed with a well designed site stocked with modern amenities of the 21st century.

The core of Krrb is its hyper local ads. Each user designates their location when posting an ad. The location is private and not disclosed. When searching for items you can indicate the radius that you’re willing to travel to find what you’re looking for. It’s easily adjustable with a slider bar in case you get too many or too few results. Searches are based upon keywords- it doesn’t use the broad bucket approach of its ancestors. Locating the item or service you’re looking for has never been easier. Just type in the word and it will return results within the proximity you select.

Responding to ads is also improved; you use Krrb’s messaging system. This allows you to maintain your anonymity until you decide to set a time and place to meet the person. Another helpful feature is that posts don’t expire. You can relist them if you’d like to move it to the top, or close them when you’re done. Topping things off is the Krrb corner. Each user is assigned a permanent URL that is their corner. Here all your active posts are displayed so it’s easy to see what services or products you’re offering. Your corner is like your own personal store.

Sample Krrb Post

One way Krrb ensures the integrity of their ads is its credit system. Each post costs 1 Krrb credit. These can either be purchased or earned. It costs $1 or less for a credit depending on the quantity you buy. A full listing of how to gain credits for free is found here. Some of the activities include joining the site, updating your profile, or tweeting your corner sale. Or you can just send them a kindly worded email and they’ll give you a few extras. Purchasing credits has the added advantage of gaining higher credibility with the site. By disclosing your credit card number Krrb can be confident that you’re an upright citizen looking for honest transactions.

Krrb dubs itself a neighborly site. It’s strictly a tool to help people connect to buy or sell, taking no part in brokering the deal. Being able to see roughly how far people are prior to multiple email exchanges will save a lot of time. The credit system is a fair compromise to ensure buyers and sellers have honest intentions. You can work around it using their free options or pay a minor fee per post.

The time has come and the time is now to see Craigslist exit stage left. Their smug contentedness in their success and sluggishness in curtailing the crimes that occur on their site has left the door wide open for a successor. Seeing a new online classifieds that is both thoughtful and modernized is like stepping out of a western saloon and into a SoCal mall. All the glitz, glam, and displays are thought out and organized. Krrb offers this and offers a vastly improved way of posting and searching online classifieds. Their arrival is most welcome, if not a couple centuries overdue.

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