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It’s always nice to feel at home. Being around people that know you and are easy to be around without putting out too much effort- it’s comfortable. This is what’s great about sites like iGoogle and My Yahoo. They allow you to customize your profile so you can set the content as well and look and feel exactly how you like. You can even customize your Gmail account with the theme of your choosing.

Most websites don’t have the advantage of their users logging in and creating their own custom profile. People just show up and begin navigating around. According to recent research websites have just eight seconds to secure the attention of their users. Now there’s a way to take advantage of every one of those seconds and make your users feel the most welcome.  LandingAt is a web application that allows you to customize the landing page and user experience of your visitors.

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The way it works is you sign up for a free account. Then you add a Javascript code snippet to the pages you’d like to be tracked by LandingAt. This is similar to setting up Google Analytics. Once the code is verified you can create profiles that will track segments of your visitors and display custom messages to them.

Profiles consist of a name, rules, content, and tag. The name is how the profile is tracked internally. Rules are filters that are applied to your users. If the users meet the rules’ requirements then the content is displayed. You can create rules based upon referring page, campaign, search terms, time & date, campaign code, location, and frequency of visits. You can add up to one of each rule type per profile.  You can create as many profiles as you like. Being able to dissect your audience to such a granular level gives you many options to filter them by. Once the rules are set up you then add the custom HTML content that will be displayed when users matching those rules visit the page. The final step to connect it all is to add LandingAt’s HTML tag to your page where you’d like the custom content to be displayed.

For example, let’s say you’d like to greet all visitors from Alaska with some banter about their governor and former VP candidate. Just set up a rule that filters on visitors from Alaska, add the YouTube embed code to the content (linked above), and then put the tag where you’d like the video to be displayed. It’s a perfect way to make back country folks feel comfortable. Obviously, my etiquette is a bit lacking at times, but LandingAt’s tool gives you a dynamic and powerful way to welcome users to your site.

LandingAt Profile

LandingAt comes in four packages. The first is free which provides up to 1000 profile hits a month. Then they offer small, medium, and professional packages which give you 5,000, 10,000, and 500,000 profile hits per month, respectively. They range in price from $12 to $49/month. The professional package also comes with advanced features and can be used with an unlimited number of sites.

When dealing with customers it’s the little things that count. Displaying a message from their locale can go a long way- be it a simple greeting, feed from the local news, or an image only they would appreciate. Connecting with your users is important and helps lead to increased sales and more interaction.  Historically welcoming users based upon their point of entry has  been relegated to large sites with the ability and budgets to build the functionality in house. LandingAt makes this incredible functionality a reality for any website owner and gives them the unprecedented ability to personalize their users’ experience.

LandingAt’s server is so slow we aren’t sure they intend to keep the site online anymore. We’ll update the post as the situation develops. For now, we think they’re done.

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