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Spelling bees are about the least interesting event known to man. A word is spoken, a young child repeats the word, spells it, and then repeats it again. This goes for hours, days- a veritable eternity rivaled only to the Grammys or graduation ceremonies.

Most people don’t take the time to memorize the dictionary. The ease with which word processors auto-correct errors quickly turns all our misteaks into Webster approved morsels. When it comes to building web pages though, oftentimes people use simple text editors or browser based content management systems. Some of these come with spellcheckers but spelling errors are still bound to slip through. Perhaps content is derived from a a team of writers. Maybe you have a bad habit of fat fingering when you type. Or maybe, like myself, you’re a phonetic misspeller. Your mind gets so wrapped up in the story you end up writing words that almost sound right, but are not.

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However it happens, spelling errors end up on the pages of our websites. The busied pace of producing content results in hurried publishing, with a few on our homepages. Where all the world can see them. These embarrassing gaffs not only irk readers but also give the site a non professional feel. If only there were a way to automatically check your site for spelling errors. Well, there is. Respelt is a simple site that provides a variety of spell check tools, including daily automated checks.

Respelt’s basic service doesn’t require user registration. Right on the home page people can use their spell checker in three ways. They can enter in text directly. They can enter any public URL to check the spelling of that page. Lastly they can enter the RSS feed’s URL to check the most recently published pages. For web pages or entered text it brings up a page of the entire text, underlining each suspected error. The user can then go through and click on the words to see suggested corrections, or fix it themselves. The RSS feed results brings up a list of each page and a list of the words on those pages that are misspelled. It’s a concise report of every potential spelling error for all your latest posts.

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The real fun begins when you register for an account. The user can still do the manual checks, but they gain two new features. First they can set up automated checks for URLs and RSS feeds. These alerts run once daily and will report spelling errors in an email. It takes seconds to set up and get a daily automated update for any possible errors in your site. Any number of sites and RSS feeds can be added. The next benefit is a customizable dictionary. Oftentimes websites will have industry specific terms which aren’t included in most dictionaries. These words can be added by clicking on them, via the same dialogue window that spelling errors are fixed.

Spelling bees are boring. Spelling errors are bad though. For those of us who aren’t abnormally intelligent nerd kids, we sometimes need a little help to bolster our command of the English language. Respelt is the easiest way to make sure your website is spelling error free. Even the best copyeditors will read past blatant errors on occasion. One thing’s for sure- you’re readers will always notice. Fortunately, so will Respelt, which gives site owners the peace of mind that their site is professional,  and typo free.

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