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I remember seeing an old boss of mine with his cell phone on his desk. Water dripped from it as he tried to rescue the SIM card. Unfortunately, neither of us knew the magic bag of rice trick to rescue water logged electronics. I imagine the phone remained broken and he purchased a new one.

This scenario reminds us of a dilemma many people face every day. When using the restroom at the office should you take your phone with you or leave it on your desk. If it’s left on the desk you leave yourself open to others coming by and potentially looking through your contacts and messages. If we take it to the water closet we risk plunging it into the porcelain depths.

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Our cell phones contain a wealth of private information about us. In particular our contacts and text messages are vulnerable to disclosing details about our lives that we wouldn’t want out in the open. Yet sometimes we get lazy with our phones leave them open to prying eyes. Now there’s a way to secure our most sensitive cell phone data regardless of who may be perusing through it. SafeBox provides an application that allows you to keep a secret, inaccessible contact list to which you can send encrypted messages. No matter who has your phone they won’t be able to see what’s in your SafeBox.

Using SafeBox is easy. Download the free app, which happens to be compatible with over 1000 mobile devices and 10 languages. (No word on whether the lesser known Ket language is supported.) Once it’s set up they have a pay as you system hailed as Topup. 100 credits cost $10, and it costs one credit per SMS message. If my figures are accurate that comes to 10 cents per military grade encrypted private message. There are no overages- if you run out, just add more credits.

As with all products, the devil is in the details. In this case the infernal influence bears the form a doctorate who began programming in the womb. Amongst other security measures taken is elliptic curve cryptography. If that doesn’t make nuns shutter I don’t know what will. No word on whether his parents bartered the tech guru’s soul for 30 pieces of silver, but it is clear his command over the intricacies of mobile security is quasi paranormal.

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SafeBox has made frequent appearances in the news. They’ve been covered in some of the more prominent publications in the world. We have no confirmation of coverage in lost dialecs of remote areas of Siberia but we’re sure the appropriate representatives have been notified. They’re well represented in Russian, Romanian, Chinese, and English, for our non Ket speaking readers.

Once SafeBox is set up users need only remember their pin number. This is the sole key to their SafeBox. Impressively, there’s no need to register for an account. You don’t need to give out your email. You don’t even need to provide your phone number. SafeBox works autonomously without requiring your information. The payment system is also set up to work by sending an SMS message or by calling a number to process the payment. It’s unobtrusive and easy to use.

SafeBox provides the most secure way to keep your personal life, personal. Nobody wants to unwittingly broadcast their private lives to the world. That’s what social applications are for. To protect our personal info, there’s SafeBox. So only you and those you trust will know the inner details of those you communicate with.

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