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It’s a problem as old as the internet. How best to transfer files to other people. The options include emailing it as an attachment, transferring it to removable storage and then physically giving it to them, or uploading it to a central location and telling them where to download it. Emailing has the obvious issue of limited file size and not receiving the the email. Burning it to a CD, DVD, flash drive, or the like, requires meeting them in person. Typically this only makes sense if one person doesn’t have internet access. Uploading the file to a central location is almost always the preferred option.

As such, there’s no shortage of file transfer sites. For the most part these are all the same. Upload the file, indicate the email address of the person(s) you’re sending it to and then send. The only variations are the maximum file size that can be uploaded and whether it’s secure or not. Typically you can upgrade for increased file size and secure file transfers. In the process you and the people you send the file to are inundated with a parade of ads.

Uploadie Home

Then along comes Uploadie. Uploadie took the basic concept of transferring files to disparate groups of people and built a full featured web application. They have user accounts, dashboards with usage statistics, streams of video, image viewing, file downloading, highlighting of text within documents or code, URL shortening- they essentially threw in the kitchen sink.

Uploadie is a professional grade tool that goes far beyond simple file transfer. It’s intended to be used by website owners to integrate with their applications. They can upload pictures, PDFs, or videos and link to them from their site. For videos this gives site owners the flexibility of using their own video player instead of taking on YouTube branding. This also allows them to retain exclusive copyrights.

Once you upload a file it gives you multiple links to access it. The basic is Download/View. This brings up the file in a web browser. Next is Force Download. When users access this link it will bring up the option to save the file to their hard drive. Then there’s a tiny URL to the Download/View link. Rounding things out is a link to open up an email client with the file as an attachment. For the tech junkies comes the MD5 checksum number to ensure the integrity of the file. Just for fun they also include the HTML code you would use to post it in a blog or the BBCode needed for posting in forums.

Uploadie Dash

Uploadie comes with many free services. For starters, no registration is required. By default all files will be retained for 30 days and it’s up to the user to keep track of the download links. These can be emailed to them if they like. If you want to retain the files forever you can register for a free account and get up to 1GB of online storage. For those needing more storage it’s a pay as you go system. Pricing is based upon online storage, and upload and download bandwidth. Full details can be found here. Note the handy sliders at the bottom to give you prices based upon your estimated usage. This tool as much as anything is emblematic of Uploadie’s over the top approach to their service.

Distributing files online is the easiest and fastest way to transfer documents to people. Whether it’s a zip file, picture, video, or leaked government secrets, the best way to get the word out is by posting it on the web. Uploadie goes far beyond the call of duty with their system built for streaming videos, pictures, and text files. Its comprehensive dashboard and statistic gives you clear insight into the usage of your files. Moreover, the free offerings provide all the file transfer needed for general usage. All this will make Uploadie the site of choice for both individuals and site owners for their online storage and transfer needs.

Uploadie decided on a different business model. We’re calling it Downloadie. We’re not sure if it was a case of start-up-itis, we ran out of money fever, or being bought out by a large competitor flu. Whatever the cause, it was terminal and their great service is no longer accessible.

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