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Buying items online has become commonplace. People have grown accustomed to giving out their Credit Card number or using PayPal to send funds to anonymous people online. There are trusted vendors such as Amazon or major chain store websites. Then there are auction and classifieds sites, most notably eBay and Craigslist. Despite warnings of caution and checks and balances in place there numerous people who get scammed, cheated, or ripped off by sellers.

The first line of defense to protect oneself from shady transactions is to only work with people locally. This at least gives people the opportunity to meet the seller in person and make their own assessment of whether they’re trustworthy or not. For auction sites such as eBay this is typically impossible as people ship from all over the world. In some cases you’re looking for an obscure item that only ships out of Nebraska. Or you’re planning a vacation to Florida and would like to have someone check out the vacation rental prior to paying a large deposit upfront. Many a weary buyer has paid for items online and either didn’t receive them or came to learn they weren’t given the full story when making their purchase.

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Now there’s a way to validate an item remotely anywhere in the America. WeGoLook is a website that has a network of 7000 background verified people who are ready, willing, and able to check out your remote online purchases. The way it works is you order a WeGoLook report, indicate all the information the “Looker” needs to find the object, indicate what specific information you’re looking for, and the report will arrive in an average of 2-3 days. Information that can be verified includes serial numbers, pin numbers, brand, location, and of course that it exists at all. They’ll provide up to 10 digital photos. A sample report can be found here.

WGL’s basic check is sufficient in most cases. While you have a proverbial ‘man on the ground’ some people would like to check other details as well. Their staff of Lookers can handle any number of tasks including shipping the item themselves, verifying that the items are in general working order, provide measurements, or whatever task you deem necessary to feel comfortable making a remote transaction. Some customized services are priced here, others are available by quote. The core service it $49.

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If you’re anything like me your first thought is about one of the most common online interactions. Dating. To quickly answer the question, yes, WeGoLook will inspect your date for you. According to their additional services it’s only $8 extra to check measurements, though our staff wasn’t able to independently verify how extensive the validation goes. I have this inescapable image in my head of the Looker showing up at the door with a scale, yet I somehow think that’s against their union policies. My suspicion is they stick to photography and written feedback for the visual inspection. Incidentally, the industry term for hiding one’s true appearance by camera trickery is MySpace Angles. I have no idea how a date would go if you send a Looker to check them out in advance, but it could spare you the shock of finding out they got their gender wrong on the dating site. (Upon further inspection WGL verifies their marital status, that the person isn’t a prostitute or scammer and that they essentially match who they say they are.)

WeGoLook provides a unique and valuable service for online buyers. These would be purchasers can get the validation of an independent third party prior to making a purchase. They can also employ them to handle the transaction, shipping, or any number of custom inspection tasks. With WeGoLook buyers can get the security they need prior to investing large amounts of money or time into products, places, people, or things, found online.

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