Buffer and Tweriod: The Twitter Power Pack

Twitter is a powerful way to stay in touch with people. Just send out 140 character or less messages and your followers will hear about it. These tweets are used by most major pop stars, actors, and SlapStart. They’re a great marketing tool.

Tweets are only effective if people are around to notice them though. As anyone with more than a few hundred friends on Twitter knows, tweets flow fast. If you send them out in the middle of the night there’s a chance no one will notice amidst the piles of competing messages. One of the aforementioned parties has a tendency to tweet out articles in the middle of the night or early in the morning. This may not be the optimum time to send tweets. But is there a way to know when is the best time to send them?

Tweriod Results

As it turns out, there is. Tweriod is a simple Twitter app that does one thing. It tracks and reports the optimal times for you to Tweet. It monitors the activity of your followers for a few days and tells you when the most people are online. Once the results are compiled Tweriod sends you a Direct Message with a link to them. Based upon these results we learned that SlapStart’s tweets are best sent between 3-6PM or 9-10PM.

But then comes the next problem. Sometimes we get busy in the late afternoon. Or maybe we have plans later in the evening. As great as Twitter is, it’s hardly the type of thing we want to make a daily ritual throughout the day. What if you have many followers in Europe? Or what if you’re from Europe marketing to the US? Now we need a way to schedule and send tweets out in our absence. We need a tweet buffer.

Buffer, found at BufferApp.com, creates a queue of tweets that can be scheduled and sent out at your discretion. So let’s say you finish your next article at 3:37AM, and are inclined to announce it to a world right then. With Buffer you can schedule a series of Tweets throughout the day to send it out into the world at the optimal time.

Buffer comes in a few flavors, including their free plan which gives you 2 scheduled tweets per day and up to five tweets in your buffer. The Max plan allows an unlimited number of tweets a day and an infinite buffer size. It goes for $20/month. A paltry fee to not have to excuse yourself from dinner parties to tweet your faithful readers. All plans come with Chrome and Safari extensions. These make it easy to schedule tweets while you’re browsing the web. Let’s say you come across a particularly interesting site. You can grab some text from the article and click it. An overview can be seen below. (It has fantastic background music!)

Twitter is a powerful tool whether you’re trying to stay in touch with you many adoring fans, promoting a new product line, or get a little more exposure on sites like TripTwit. With the advent of Buffer, sending out Tweets has never been easier. Tweriod gives us exactly the insight we need for when to schedule them. Sending scheduled tweets at the optimal time can greatly improve the effectiveness of your tweets.

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