Cuteness: A pet’s playground

For anyone who spends any degree of time online they know there are common topics that come up over and over again. Sometimes these are videos that circulate repetitively. Other times it’s a meme that will be popular for a few weeks. These fads come and go often retaining their popularly long after they’re funny.

There’s one popular feature that frequents the web more so than all the others. People never tire of it, creating an endless stream of new submissions. These are pictures of their pets. Cats in a box, dogs looking up at the camera begging for food– fish, snakes, turtles, birds, hippos, and then more cats. Lots and lots of cats.

Cuteness Home

Now there’s a place for all cats and dogs, and every other type of pet, to meet online. is the definitive pet community on the web. People can create profiles and upload pictures of their pets to join the fun. It has a community where you can meet each other’s pets. Then there are cute wars, shopping, cuteness rating, and even a Thunderdome.

The first thing to do is register for an account and create a pet profile. After uploading pics and creating a brief description of your pet (oftentimes written from the pet’s point of view) you can begin meeting the other pets. The community has pages for New Pets, Popular Pets, Pet of the Day, Hall of Fame, and the ever popular Dog Park. The Dog Park is open to pets of all types and is where pet’s can interact. It’s essentially a forum that any pet can contribute to. The community also has a more somber page- Rainbow fields. Here people leave their memoirs of their beloved companions who are no longer with us. It’s a place to grieve and help others who’ve recently lost their furry friends.

The shop has multiple options. The most intriguing is the virtual shop where you can buy online gifts. To buy them you need to gain cuteness points which are given to you by other people. Let’s say you have a particularly cute pet. (Who doesn’t, right?) Once you set up a profile people will vote on your pet’s cuteness level. For every ten cuteness points, you get one treat. Treats are the currency accepted at the virtual store. A Gingerbread man for example, costs two treats. Once you purchase treats you can send them to other pets as a fun virtual gift. If you don’t have enough cuteness points but would still like to send a gift you can purchase treats directly.

The next shopping option is a bit more predictable. These are product reviews with links to external sites where you can purchase items. Pets can comment and rate various objects so you know what other pets like. The last shopping option is t-shirts. These can be proudly worn by the pet’s owners.

Cute Wars Challenge

Now, in the midst of all these pets and cuteness, how could there be a war? After all pets are supposed to have a positive, calming effect on society. The wars come in three flavors- Battlezone, Challenges, and Thunderdome. In all these battles you vote for the pet you like best. Battlezone is strictly two pets matched up against each other. Any pets can participate. Challenges are similar except you select which pet you want to go up against. Finally, the Thunderdome is where the top pets battle it out for prizes. The pets with the highest cuteness ratings are entered into a 64 pet arena and duke it out. It’s like the March Madness of pet competitions. The only real problem with these cute wars is there’s no option to vote for both. is the site for pets. People can introduce their precious furry (or scaled or feathered) friends to the world. You can learn better ways to train or take care of them, how to deal with specific issues, or just show them off. All pets need a happy home. And now, they have one online where they can be appreciated for the adorable friends that they are. We all know people love their pets. At, you can share them with other people, and they can make new friends themselves.

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    I love the pet social website Cuteness, it’s cool!

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