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One of the biggest points of contention in recent years is that of copyrighted material being distributed online. Some of the owners of these copyrights are banded together in the RIAA, and began fighting back. They launched a ridiculous stream of lawsuits targeting end users for the damage they incurred. Already known for their cutthroat business tactics employed with musicians, they did little to help their image with how they treat music enthusiasts.

To be fair, their complaint is legitimate. These companies invest millions of dollars into dud musicians that your average teenie bopper just doesn’t go nuts over. Their losses are huge to be sure. Not surprisingly, when they finally chance upon a successful artist they milk them for all they’re worth. On the other hand, one critique of these lawsuits is that they don’t accurately represent the value of the songs being distributed.

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Making a broad sweeping effort to establish some sanity into this off key market is Disrupt.fm. Disrupt.fm provides an online forum for downloading songs for free. What do they ask in return? When songs are downloaded they are then posted to your Facebook wall. Thus, the value of a song is set at the cost of marketing the song on the web. Brilliant. The musicians get more exposure, and users get their songs.

The way it works is fairly straightforward. As a user you log in with you Facebook account. Then you can browse the songs either playing them online or downloading them for personal use. (You don’t have to be logged in to play them online.) The post on your wall contains a mini player so anyone can check out what you’re listening to. It also links back to the song so your friends can download it too if they like. On top of getting free music, posting a song to your wall is probably more interesting than most of the other things people tend to put there anyway.

To upload music artists need to log in with the Facebook account that their band’s fan page is linked to. Then all they do is upload their music and set a category and title. They can then share their music on their fan page which helps launch the┬áviral tour of the web.

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Making it big in the music industry is challenging. It takes luck, skill, and a whole lot of marketing. Disrupt.fm gives artists the marketing they need and users the songs they love- free of any copyright concerns. For users that don’t want to post a song to their wall, (maybe you don’t want to tell everyone you downloaded Justin Bieber’s entire collection), you have the option to purchase each song for 99 cents. For everyone else, they can download free songs and share them with their friends, with Disrupt.fm.

Disrupt.fm’s free services are no longer free, nor available for that matter. They’re gone, just like the sad sad songs of yesterday.

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