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The web can be described as a series of rooms. Some rooms are large, others are small, or somewhere in between. The more spacious rooms are well known– everybody and their neighbor go there. The lesser known sites are like safe havens from the masses. Quiet reprieves where locals can gain a sense of familiarity. They’re like smokey rooms where outsiders may or may not find themselves welcome.

One such haven is eBackers. A definitive respite from the madness that rages just outside its doors. The smoke in eBackers’ room is of an entirely different nature however. It’s the technical skills of web developers. And the unwelcome greeting? Well, it’s more the fact that people that know nothing of web development don’t really fit in in that crowd. It’s the lifelong separation of nerds and the rest of society that keeps the general population from pouring through its doors.

eBackers Home

eBackers was founded on a very simple principle. Web developers need a place meet others who are doing the same thing. Building websites is kind of a funny business. Oftentimes people work on projects during nights and weekends while maintaining day jobs to pay the bills. If you have the skills, the overhead for these projects can be minimal. Many websites are built with a negligible amount of funding. Finding the right people to work with- that’s the trick.

The way it works is you can either search for existing opportunities or post new ones. There are no user registrations. All you do is include a title, your email address, description, and optionally, a website. The email address is anonymized so your personal information won’t be posted to the web. From there, all new posts are displayed on the home page. To prevent spam and in order to maintain the integrity of the site, all posts are reviewed and approved manually by eBackers team of Hazmat certified professionals. Once posted posts are online for 45 days.

So, let’s say you’re starting a new website, let’s call it, “Taking over the world.” Here you can describe how you plan on gaining influence over the media, controlling the banks, and then forming alliances with conspiring foreign influences. You can list your own skills, such as design, CSS, HTML, and explosives. Then list what you’re looking for- SQL guru, Python ninja, and nuclear fission expert. Once the post is approved you’ll get a series of replies, including some from financial backers and covert CIA operatives. The key is to only work with those that are most qualified without bringing any moles onto the team.

eBackers is a site for web developers and those that work in the field. Their small smokey room fosters the environment for like minded individuals to learn about new opportunities or share their own. Here the web of tomorrow is born and the people that will make it happen, can meet.

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