Fyifly: The ultimate social calendar

Friday night’s coming up and everyone’s calling you. They want to know what to do, when to do it, and where to go. Some people are always aware of the latest spots to hit and know where to go off the top of their head. They’re continually keeping a lookout for new events, clubs, bands, festivals, or any other upcoming gatherings.

Some of us pay attention to these things occasionally, but really only look into finding out things to do when the need arises. When guests are coming to town a mild sense of panic sets in as you realize you’ve already taken them to the regular spots. It’s time to find out where things are happening. It’s time to ask the question we all have asked ourselves at one point or another- what am I going to do?

Fyifly Home

The answer to this question, and others, comes in a familiar form- a website that provides that information. Specifically, we’re talking about a site gives us complete local listings of every type of event imaginable. We’re talking about Fyifly.

Fyifly starts with a feature I’m always fond of. It tracks where you are and welcomes you with a landing page relevant to that location. So, let’s say your particular question is, “I’m in New York- what should I do,” then it will display those events happening around the Big Apple. The events are broken into categories including Sports/Outdoor, DJ/Club, Shows/Performances, Kids, Educational, Arts and Crafts, Seasonal, and then the catchall category, More. If you’d like to see them all in one listing you can click the All Events page.

So let’s say you have some particularly boring friends coming to town. Head straight on over to the Arts and Crafts section and you’re all set. Here you’ll find events much more interesting than any knitting club. They have Sculptures of light, Patriot Artistry, and don’t you forget about the Red Stick Farmers market. It was recently named one of the best local shopping experiences.

Each event is given its own page. It contains photos, a calendar, map, description, link to the venue- essentially all the information you need to make plans. You have the option to mark the event as a favorite, share it on any number of social networking sites, or indicate you’re attending. You can also see if your friends are attending, or view the everyone who’s showing planning on being there. A venue page is similar to the event page except it’s based upon the location. It lists all upcoming events for that venue at the bottom.

Winter in the Wild- New York

Fyifly is integrated with Facebook. All accounts use its registration and many of your actions post to your wall. If you register for an event, indicate you like a venue, or add an event of your own, these all display on your wall. It’s a great way to immediately let your friends know what you’re up to so people can join in as well.

Fyifly is the social calendar of social calendars. You can find out anything and everything going on in a town. Even if your friends get together and ask you- what should I do in New Orleans, you can still find events to suit their interest. Perhaps a better question in that situation is things NOT to do in New Orleans, depending on who you’re hanging out with. Whatever the case, Fyifly has the inside scoop on fun things to do. Whether friends are coming in from out of town or just a regular night out with the usuals, Fyifly is the first place to go to find upcoming events.

Looks like Fyifly has left us forever. The site is down.

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