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They say 85% of business is the same. It’s a depressing fact, but true. The vast majority of businesses have a marketing team that advertises the product or service, a sales team that draws in new clients, an operations group that prepares and delivers the product, and an administrative team that ensures the bills are both paid and collected. There are variations of course, but across many industries the basic duties remain the same.

Many companies still manage their internal processes manually. They have spreadsheets to track billing and a separate customer management tool to keep track of sales. This makes for high overhead, errors, and a lamentable amount of accountants and secretaries. It’s been uttered by many wise men upon a hilltop, the secret to the success of a company is to hire the least amount of secretaries possible. Translated to plain English, it means keep your expenses down.

Groobix Home

Groobix is a new site that offers a complete online business management suite. It offers everything from Customer Relationship Management tools, Project Management applications, and Task management. That’s just scratching the surface of this dynamic application though.

The way Groobix works is you sign up for one of two packages. They both come with a base set of applications. The Pro version throws in some extra users and features. From there you can select from a wide range of applications and add them as needed. Their impressive list of applications includes:

Free Trial– Supports 10 users.  These features are included in all packages.

  • Contacts- Keep track of business contacts and share them with the team
  • Tasks- Delegate and coordinate your team’s work
  • Messages- A direct messaging system so you can keep track of communications
  • Notes- Similar to a post-it notes for personal or team use
  • Business Calendar

Pro Kit– 30 Users. $10/month

  • Documents- Can upload up to 2GB of documents
  • SSL- Secure connection to ensure you documents are safe
  • Groobix Mobile- Allows you to access the system from your mobile phone

Additional Apps– Can be added separately. ~$10/month each.

  • Project Management- Organize and keep on target multiple projects at once
  • CRM- Track opportunities, leads, and manage the sales team
  • Receivables collection- Make sure you collect the invoices
  • Customer Service- Manage customer requests with their ticketing system and ongoing relationships
  • Sales & Billing- Create and send invoices. View sales reports. Make some money!
  • Checks Management- Keep track of outgoing checks
  • Order Fulfillment- Keep track of orders and meet shipping deadlines
  • Stock- Manage your inventory
  • Additional Users
  • Apps are continuously added to the application store

Groobix Project Management App

Not wanting to pass up a good thing, I forged ahead and signed up for the free account. During the 15 day trial you’re allowed access to all of the above apps so you can determine which ones are most useful for your business. My first observation is that they followed extremely good design techniques in putting the site together. All the apps have the same look and feel and follow similar sequences to perform functions. So adding a contact isn’t altogether different from creating a project. What this does is makes the entire suite intuitive. The next thing to point out is that the apps are integrated. If you create a customer in Sales and Billing it’s readily accessible from the CRM or Customer Service Modules. There’s no extra work to do when moving from one application to the next. The last thing to note is how well Groobix seems to have studied the various aspects of managing a business. Order processing is very different from maintaining stock, yet both provide you the functionality necessary to successfully manage your business.

Groobix enters the impacted market of business management with a simple yet powerful product offering. It’s clear that their team is talented and put a lot of thought into providing the functionality businesses need. It’s a simple, economical way, to handle the business side of business, so you can focus on making money and bringing in new customers.

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