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Everybody likes to show off a bit. Whether it’s being recognized for their professional skill, hobbies, or obscure talents, people like to be display their skills to the world around them. Social networks provide a great outlet for this. People can talk about anything from their latest antics to their well honed talents.

With so many people looking for recognition, why not give them what they’re looking for? What people want is a veritable badge of honor to represent ¬†everything they’re good at. Thus, skillbadge was born.

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Skillbadge is, essentially, a pie chart. Now, I know most people might be wondering how a pie chart can be hailed as a prized badge that people would use to represent themselves. Well, skillbadge’s pie chart shows everything that you’re good at. So if you’re an expert Samba dancer and skilled PHP programmer (we suspect this combination doesn’t occur too often), then you can create a badge that indicates that.

The way it works is pretty straightforward. You register, add your skills, and view your chart. There are three options that can be set- the skill, your level of expertise at it, and how many years you’ve exercised this talent. Level of expertise ranges from Beginner to Expert. You can enter up to six skills. Once you’ve entered your skills, the skillbadge is generated. Behind the scenes it apportions your talents based upon the number of years and level of expertise.

There are a few options for displaying the badge. First is the profile page. Here you can select a unique identifier to direct people to. Here’s a link to ours, (pictured below). As you’ll notice, I’m best at fun according to the skillbadge. The good thing about this system is that it believes everything you tell it. There’s no questioning the authenticity of your claims. The other option for displaying the badge is to embed it into a web page with a small code snippet. This is helpful since as you update your skills those changes will be reflected everywhere.

Skillbadge also provides a small icon which can readily be included in your signature to link to your profile page. This might be one of the more common uses of it. We’ll also note that the site is still fairly new and utilizes Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for user registration. It’s likely you’ll be able to readily post your skillbadge to those networks in the near future.

SlapStart's skillbadge
SlapStart’s skillbadge

Showing off one’s skills is something everyone likes to do. It helps give people an idea of who you are. Whether for professional promotion or personal enjoyment, skillbadge is a great way to display your talents.

Skillbadge fell off the face of the planet. We’ll remember them as the site that made badges, which people never quite came to appreciate.

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