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The world is made up of two types of people. Those that love Apple products, and those that have yet to drink the Kool-aid. For many people the most enticing flavor of this sugar water has come in the form of the iPhone. These overpriced, nearly non usable phones, have taken the market by storm. They’re so enjoyable to use people don’t mind having to call their friends back three of four times to complete a conversation.

Just like there are drinks for kids and drinks for grownups, so there are phones for big people as well. Some people have achieved the level of  sophistication that allows them to see through attractive packaging and marketing programs. To be sure, branding always wins. In this case we have a competing brand to save unsuspecting victims from the iPhone- Droid.

Swappa Home

The Droid is a great phone, but its makers didn’t miss one aspect of the smart phone market though. They certainly make you pay for them. Sticker prices can run $500 or more. Of course this can be reduced if you renew your contract, which locks you in for quite some time. Thus, many people are turning to the second hand market for their iPhone preventing phones. Now there’s a way to buy top quality preowned Droid phones. Swappa is a new site that connects buyers and sellers of gently used Android devices.

The home page of Swappa is adorned with an iPhone lover’s nightmare. Droids. Lots of Droids. They come in every flavor, size, and price range. Take for instance the king of all Apple, “I tried really hard to make a phone,” killing products. Droid X. (Screenshot below.) Here you can pick up one of these (actually usable) devices at highly discounted prices. As a buyer the way it works is easy. You find the phone you want, click the Buy Now button, use PayPal to send them the money, and then receive the phone. Sellers are to send the phone within two business days. Although not noted on the official FAQ, once receiving the phone you’re encouraged to flaunt your new purchase to anyone with Apple products.

Registering for Swappa can be done with your Facebook account. It’s always nice not having to set up yet another username and password. It also adds an additional level of security to help ward off fraudsters. On top of that it prevents you from having to enter your name, photo, and location since that info is imported in. When making a purchase shipping costs are included and can be readily estimated. The only other cost is a minor fee to Swappa for the service for orchestrating the transaction. It’s a small price to pay to not contribute to a company best known for its patronage to the black long sleeve mock turtleneck sector.

Swappa Droid

Buying after market products can create cause for concern. There’s never a guarantee that you’re going to get a functioning device. Using a site that specializes in top quality Droid products is one way to ensure you get the best phone available. Getting them for cheap is a nice added bonus. One thing that’s particularly nice about Swappa is that it acts like a store. You don’t have to spend any time negotiating or connecting with the seller. You just buy the product like you would at any online store. It’s just cheaper.

iPhones and the misery they bring, are with us to stay. There will always be an endless supply of people with the need to buy brand, regardless of the quality. For those who want a smart phone that’s not reminiscent of a Speak & Spell, Droids are a good option. Swappa provides the marketplace to find the one you’re looking for, at a greatly discounted price.

  • Dallas Gordon

    Swappa.com is an excellent alternative to eBay for selling your good to near mint condition mobile device. However they will not allow you to sell your broken iPhones, iPads, cell phones or any other kind of broken device. For your broken devices a great option is http://www.TradeUpMobile.com. They pay a lot more than you might expect for your broken phone plus shipping is free. You can send them your used (not broken) devices too if you want to get paid in a hurry.

    1. Steve

      Wow, thanks for the tip!

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