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Browsing the web is a daily ritual for much of the world. People check the web at home, on their phones, at the office, or any time they come across an available computer. Yet for all the web surfing we do it’s time that we all admit something about it. We just aren’t very good at it. I mean, we open up a browser and either type in a URL or follow some circuitous path of clicks to get to it. To access our Bookmarks or Favorites we either have to have the favorites toolbar displayed or we have to navigate to it manually. Adding another browser toolbar hogs even more precious browser space. And for anyone who’s attempted to navigate to their favorites from the menu we offer you our deepest condolences. This tedious process usually ends up in clicking the wrong page multiple times before finally finding the one you want.

The next way we find things online is by search engine. Sometimes we don’t know what we’re looking for or can’t exactly remember the name of a site or article we like. Thus, we pay our half hearted homage to Google and begin searching. This is all in an effort to access what is, for the most part, a very short list of websites. But we always find them the long way. Answering the call to this sad state of affairs and gilding the path to better browsing, is VelvetSkyway. They provide the perfect customizable homepage for all your web browsing needs.

VelvetSkyway Home

Using VelvetSkyway is easy. Just navigate to their homepage and you’ll see a list of common web pages tiled across the screen. (Pictured above.) Clicking any of these will take you directly to that site. As you find new pages you like or lose interest in old sites you can add and remove them from the page. In one fell swoop you’ve just reduced the amount of effort to do your daily web browsing significantly. The only thing left to do is make VelvetSkyway your homepage so it will automatically load when you open a new browser.

VelvetSkyway comes with a few customizable options. First is the aforementioned websites. The default ones are the typical fare of web browsing 2011- YouTube, Facebook, Twittter, and so on. To add more sites simply enter the URL in the submission box and it will appear on your home page, with a freshly cut thumbnail of the site. Once you’ve added all your favorites they can be rearranged on the screen in any order you prefer. Just drag and drop them as you see fit. The other customizable option is the background. You can select from a number of ‘skies’ for your new velvet way of accessing the web.

Type Less, Click More

By default you don’t need to register for an account. All homepage preferences are saved locally to your browser cache. Let’s say you’re one of those who clears their cookies every once in a while. With them will go your beloved new home page settings. To prevent having to set it up again you have the option to register with your Facebook account. Thus your settings are saved, but you don’t need to get another username and password combo. In this way you can also access your favorites from any computer in the world.

VelvetSkyway eases the path of entry to the web. It’s the simplest of concepts yet makes for a much smoother transition into the internets. It provides a minimal amount of customization, which both meets your needs without overly complexifying the process. Browsing the web is something we all know how to do. With VelvetSkyway, we can finally do it better.

As of 8 Dec 2011 VelvetSkyway will be pulled down. Too bad. I actually used it as my homepage. This is a great concept for keeping track of one’s most visited websites.

  • Levi

    Thanks for the insight Steve! All of us here at Velvet Skyway are excited to bring this feature to the world and hope you all will enjoy using this as much as we do.

    Velvet Skyway started from idea that was born from annoyance. Annoyance for all the times our hand abandoned the mouse to type, or mistype, common places that we frequently visited; like,, and etc. Before long, and with support from friends and family, Velvet Skyway came to be. The intent was for it to be set as the Homepage and be the portal of places that we all could visit and customize to our own individual flavors.

    Now that Velvet Skyway is set loose, we would love to hear what you have to say. Our goal is to become the premier homepage of popular choice, and your feedback is candy for our hungry staff.

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