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It’s a problem as old as Kodak. People go to a party, each with their own camera, and take pictures. Invariably each person will have a few great shots that best capture the event, mood, fun and festivities. Collecting these pictures into a single place is a daunting task and usually falls short. Back in the olden days folks would get double prints and pass out the extra to their favorite friend. Nowadays we have it much easier and pictures can be emailed or uploaded.

As advanced as we are though, there’s really not a well known way to upload everyone’s pictures to the same location. The most common outlet for photos is Facebook. People upload the pics, title the album, and then tag people in the photos. This reintroduces the problems of yore in that there’s no way to add your pictures to someone else’s album. What you end up with are a series of albums amongst various people all for one event. The tagging portion helps, but typically people at parties don’t all know each other. The end result is some pictures are only seen by those within various friend circles. Maybe you haven’t ‘friended‘ that cute girl you met the party yet.

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DropEvent is a new photo sharing site that addresses this exact issue. It allows you to create an event and upload photos. It also allows anyone else to upload photos to that same event for all to see. Anyone who wants to add their pictures just needs the link to the page. From there they have two options. First is to use the email address on the page. They can send their pics in as an attachment, with the subject as the caption. The second is to upload them directly from the Event profile page. What this does is allow anybody to drop their pics in on the event.

So a basic example is let’s say you’re going to host the BBQ to end all BBQs. You’ve purchased the meat, the charcoal, and more meat. Then sides, toppings, dessert, chips, organized a band, and balloon rides. It’s going to be a memorable affair. For the invitations you would likely email everyone using Facebook or Evite. They all come and have a blast, eating sausage and salsa to their heart’s delight. As a follow up you can send out a thank you note for all who attended and include a link the DropEvent page. Once people start sending in their pics, your BBQ and balloon party will be memorialized forever.

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But what if someone uploads a picture of you screaming your head off from the balloon since you’re afraid of heights. It’s rather unbecoming. The creator of the DropEvent can add, remove, or edit captions of pictures as they see fit. Further, they have the option to approve photos before posting if they prefer. It depends on how much you trust your friends. All events also have the option to be included in the site’s search results if you like. So if you prefer to maintain a sense of privacy then remove it from the search, and only display photos that you’ve had a chance to check out first.

DropEvent fills a need that the internet has yet to successfully address. People go to parties, gatherings, weddings, and all sorts of social gatherings, and have no easy way to see each other’s photographs. We’ve mastered the art of capturing these get togethers on film, now it’s time to complete the circuit and share all those photos in one place. With DropEvent, people can share their pictures and memories with all the people that helped make them.

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    http://www.picshareparty.com has taken this one step simpler: it allows for the crowdsourcing of an event photo gallery all by guests’ text messaged photos. Attendees don’t have to download or install anything, just text message their photos straight to a short code number.

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