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The other day I was walking down the street. Out of the blue a mysterious stranger approached me with two large bags in his hands. He handed them to me, told me it was a couple million dollars. His only words were to go, find a team of people, and build a tech start-up to rule all tech start-ups. Of course, some hours later I awoke from my slumber which carried me right back to reality. This is one where people work on start-up the old fashioned way- in a garage with only Coke and potato chips for sustenance.

But the reality of having a funded start-up isn’t all that far fetched. There are in fact many start-ups that enjoy the constant phone calls and demands of reports from those who threw money at them. And what to do with all this money? Hire a team of people and start working. Designers, developers, market researchers, testers, and a whole lot of coffee will usually get things going. Once your start-up grows beyond two or three people the need to get organized becomes clear. And so begins the hunt for an online collaboration tool. This hunt can end with iManageProject, a new, state of the art Project management system.

iManageProject Home

iManageProject comes with all the basics that an online collaboration software service needs. It also includes a number of bells and whistles that make it stand out. The core service includes to-do lists, file sharing, milestones, time tracking, a writeboard, and the ability to set permissions. Any project management system worth its salt will provide these. The to-do lists allow you to assign tasks to team members and include deadlines. You can also set privacy options depending on how widely known you’d like to make it. So if you’re telling an engineer to build your project such that it explodes eight days after the warranty expires, it’s a good idea not to propagate the information out to the team. The file sharing option seems like a pretty regular feature, until you realize it comes with an image gallery. No need for people to have to download the new design as they can view it as soon as it’s uploaded. Milestones are denoted on the project calendar so you can schedule project phases, due dates, and view responsible persons and deliverables. The writeboard is like the Facebook wall for your project. It’s a place for general discussion about all topics related to the project.

Each account can select custom colors and a logo. This is only fitting so it helps maintain a sense of branding within the company. Ever since the tribal days when our ancient ancestors would go to war, colors and emblems were the mark of a team. iManageProject helps us unite the troops with a common color and logo as we march into battle. Plus, it’s just kind of fun.

iManagementProject Dashboard

iManageProject comes in four packages, and also offers a free trial account. Notably, all options allow for an unlimited number of users. This is extremely helpful since there’s no accounting procedure that needs to take place as the team grows. The basic option provides up to 20 projects and 10GB of space. The Enterprise solution allows for unlimited projects and 100GB of storage. Prices range from $10 to $80 per month.

With the right tools, managing projects isn’t all that hard. It requires clear communication and a minor amount of record keeping. iManageProject is one of the most complete online collaboration tools we’ve come across. It’s a cost effective solution to an age old problem. Given the sturdy and robust nature of their solution, we expect iManageProject to be a serious contender in the project management software space.

Now all we need to do is find some VCs.

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