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People love to give gifts to their kids. From the time they’re young they buy them toys, jump ropes, hula hoops, ant farms- anything to keep them occupied and their minds active. Puzzle games are always popular since they teach analytical skills. Many kid’s toys are designed with the express purpose of imparting educational insight along the way.

A new innovation found its way to the kid’s learning market, this in the form of greeting cards. Letter Learning provides Hallmark-esque cards with a Schoolastic twist. They have a range of greeting cards to assist with improving writing and math skills.

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The cards themselves cover a standard representation of card giving occasions. Birthdays, Thanks You notes, Christmas, and so on. The outside message contains relevant pictures or graphics. Much of the lettering is dotted, leaving it up to the young senders to trace the lines to fill in the letters. More advanced cards teach cursive or have only a lined template. For these the message is to be written in from scratch.

The Math cards are an entirely different innovation. First is a picture with a series of math problems on it. Each is a simple addition or subtraction problem. Beneath this is a color coded legend so they can fill in the picture based upon their answers. These are way cooler than anything I had as a kid.

At the end of the day you’d probably expect these cards to cost a premium. They’re actually about the same price as any other cards at the store. They can be bought individually or in packs, and even have postcards. Just in time for Valentine’s day they have a full selection of cards for all your kid’s friends. For US based orders shipping is free.

Letter Learning is a site with cards for kids. They use the time of gift giving as an opportunity for kids to improve their writing and math skills. What better time to do it. Rather than having to practice endless exercises in workbooks, they take advantage of a time where kids would actually be interested in learning- when they’re sending a card to someone they care about. On the receiving end it makes for a much more personal touch. Grandma will most definitely love it. Letter Learning cards are a thoughtful and fun way for kids to learn while they’re giving gifts to those they care about.

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