MemoryAide: For the Forgetful

I remember interviewing for a job that created software systems to help the elderly with their memories. This company built expensive computer systems that would put senior citizens through child like memory exercises in order to retain their faltering ability to remember. I was a little suspicious of the actual utility of such a tool so I told them my required salary was no less than $350K. (Dramatization, actual figure may have varied.) In any case, I quoted them high to avoid working for a company that seemed to bilk seniors out of their life savings.

There’s an entire market of memory aides for those of us whose memories are still relatively intact. These come in the form of post-it notes, alarms, calendars, or the constant nagging of one’s significant other. Though having concerned people in your life can help you remember import tasks, sometimes you need to make sure you remember something all on your own. While most online calendars come with email reminders, there’s something about having a phone call or text message to wake us from our procrastinating slumber. For this, there’s MemoryAide– a new reminder system that allows you to schedule phone, text, or email reminders.

MemoryAide Home

MemoryAide requires no registration. Anybody can set up email, phone or text reminders just by navigating to the home page. Phone and text reminders cost money to send and are thus managed on a credit system. All users are given ten for free. This gives people the chance to test the service without creating an account. Note that these can be tracked by both cookies and phone number which allows the service to be used without registering. Emails reminders are always free and unlimited.

The process of setting up a reminder is as simple as selecting the type of reminder you’d like, indicate the destination email or phone number, and then selecting the time and date. Once scheduled it’s just a matter of waiting for the notification to arrive. Reminders come promptly on time. The phone reminders have a snooze feature if you’d like to automatically reschedule it for an hour later.

Registering comes with some helpful extra features. First is the opportunity to purchase more credits. This allows you to carry on the phone and text reminders on an ongoing basis. Next is the dialing option. This feature allows you to have it automatically dial another phone number to connect you after your phone call reminder. Let’s say you set up a reminder to call your spouse for your anniversary. You can set up a regular phone reminder, and then add them as a contact to call directly after the reminder. It will then dial their phone number and connect you. This is particularly helpful if you set a reminder to call someone you don’t frequently contact. You can schedule the reminder with the dialing option so you don’t have to go looking for their number. Finally, registering keeps a record of all your reminders and allows you to modify or delete upcoming ones.

MemoryAide Reminders List

Whether you’d like to schedule a reminder to go to the store, remember an important date, or schedule a call to escape the company of your in-laws, MemoryAide is a tool to help. Its simple and easy service makes setting up reminders easy. Some people rely on post-it notes, others take a calendar with them everywhere they go, and some need the phone to ring. In all these cases, MemoryAide will be your reminder.

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