Mobgets: There’s an Appternative For That

Mobile phones are amongst people’s most prized devices. They love texting on them, looking for directions, or just showing them off. It’s always amusing when someone pulls out their phone and they aren’t really doing anything. They just stand there ticking away with their stylus while onlookers gawk in amazement. (In reality people just walk on by hardly taking notice, but this is what they think is happening.) Very occasionally they even use it to call someone.

The real fun with phones is adding apps to them though. This is made famous by the iPhone’s appstore and their memorable meme, “There’s an app for that.” A little known fact to your standard smart phone user is that there are apps for all sorts of mobile devices. This includes Palm, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android, and even Java/Symbian devices. Yet finding them isn’t nearly as easy as those for the iPhone. The distribution networks aren’t as universally organized as that of the iTunes store.

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Let’s say for instance you take the subway to work every day. You realize that nobody wants to chat at 6:30AM, but you don’t want to just sit there and look at the subway people. A mobile game is definitely in order. Sure you can play Jewel Quest, yet again. It is kind of addictive. But in an effort to break this compulsive habit, you look for a new game to pass the time. What you need an appternative. You need Mobgets, an independent non-exclusive digital download store.

Now what is, exactly, an independent non-exclusive digital download store? It’s a place where you can get apps for all types of mobile devices provided by independent developers. Some are free, some cost a nominal fee. For developers Mobgets is a distribution network where they’ll find themselves on an even playing field. They can submit their apps for users to download.

The way it works is you can look for games by category. The broad sections are Entertainment, Games, Tools, Communication, Business, and Education. Each of these has numerous subsections. To make things easier the first thing you do is enter in the type of device you have. This limits the results to only display compatible applications. Once you find one that sounds interesting you can click on it to bring up the app page. This contains a description, reviews, and a list of compatible devices. If you register for an account you can also rate it or add it to your wish list.

Behold. Torpedoes!

Mobgets is, of course, accessible from your phone as well. So while you’re on the train to the office you can continue your search for Jewel Quest replacements. After much browsing, we finally found a winner. It’s sure to cure the JQ addiction completely. Our selection is none other than Torpedoes, pictured above. This Palm compatible game is bound to subdue even the most ardent gaming dependence. Instead of lining up the colors of a continual deluge of falling jewels, you can eliminate enemy torpedoes before they blow up. We’re not entirely sure this is an actual improvement but it’s worth a shot.

Looking for mobile apps is fun. They’re little distractions that you can take with you anywhere you go. Whether it’s for a practical purpose or just to pass the time, they bring a whole new level of utility and enjoyment to our phones. Mobgets is a place to find these apps, so you take them anywhere you go.

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