Name Toolkit: A domain in a haystack

One of the toughest parts about starting a business is coming up with a good name. This is evidenced by the many mediocre names out there. When it comes to domain names the situation only gets worse. You can spend hours thinking of the right domain. Who are we kidding? You can spend days, weeks or months trying to think of one. At the end of it all you’re likely to come up with a name that’s either already in use, or has a squatter tying it up trying to extort you for thousands.

Your domain name becomes your brand though. Over time, people come to know you by it and make you one of their pit stops along their daily browsing. Coming up with a good domain name is critical to the success of your company.

Name Toolkit

Capitalizing on the failures of many domain name searches is Name Toolkit. Name Toolkit is a site that helps you find the domain you’re looking for. Just type in the names related to your business and it will return a series of suggestions. It processes your suggested words through no less than eight algorithms to maximize the chance that you’ll find a hit.

Once the results are returned you simply click on the link, which gives you the option to buy the domain from a third party registrar. Currently supported providers are 1 & 1,, and GoDaddy. (Any time we end up on the GoDaddy page we expect to see Danica Patrick, which was noticeably absent this time. It’s a small price to pay for a good domain name.) Once on the site you can proceed to checkout as you see best. Name Toolkit is strictly a tool to provide you the preferred domain name for your business. As a courtesy it gives you the referral.

Now, to fully appreciate Name Toolkit you have to understand that it was born from pain. Specifically, it was born from the pain of having completed a domain search, successfully identifying one for a business idea, and losing it. Upon finding the perfect domain name for their business idea, the founders of Name Toolkit proceeded through the hoops of legally registering their great company name prior to registering the domain. With human nature being what it is, some opportunistic soul jumped at the chance to swipe it from under them. As far as that domain name is concerned, they can relish only in the fact that one day all humanity may be judged before a celestial being that will hold idolaters and domain name stealers to account. Other than that, without coughing up a whole lot of money, the domain is gone. Rather than resigning themselves to reinitiating a search, they decided to make a tool that algorithmically followed their domain name search process. Hence Name Toolkit was formed.

Name Toolkit referral page

For web entrepreneurs you never know when the next inspiration is going to hit you. You may be browsing and come across something that triggers an idea. The first thing you may want to do is start identifying potential names for it. For this Name Toolkit provides a Chrome extension. It makes it easy to do a quick brain storming session to get the juices flowing. With any luck you’ll find the one you’re looking for right off the bat. When it comes to domain names, the sooner you identify the one you’re looking for, the better.

Finding the right domain name is tough. It takes time, inspiration, luck, and a certain aptitude for branding. Name Toolkit takes all your ideas and condenses them down to a simple list of potential domain names. It’s great for getting your search going, so you can begin working on building the product for which your brand will be known.

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