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News flash!  Computers and digital technology have killed off many wonderful, old-school analog products. Anybody remember VHS tapes?  Or Polaroid pictures?  (Anybody?)  And with the explosion of e-books, Kindle, and the iPad, someday we may even ask the same thing about books.  Like, “Grandpa, what were books?”

There are other “legacy” mediums, however, which are inherently immune from the digital menace.  Some, in fact, can even thrive.  Like, say, posters.  For as long as sad office workers require platitude-laden inspiration, or teenagers sleep indoors, posters aren’t going away anytime soon.  In fact, with user-friendly tools like PosterMyWall, posters are perfectly and pleasantly poised (!) to enjoy a digitally-assisted renaissance.

PosterMyWall Home

PosterMyWall is a custom collage and poster maker that enables users to create posters and collages using your photos or your friends’ Facebook albums.  These high-quality posters can be up to three feet tall, and users can choose from free backgrounds or create their own.  With prices starting at $7.50, it’s a fun and affordable way to commemorate those memorable (Daytona Beach ’93!!!) and not-so-memorable (Daytona Beach ’94!!!) moments for all of eternity – and perhaps beyond.

The home page is complemented by a Flash slideshow of sample posters and collages.  What struck me about the slideshow was the diversity of the work, ranging from the serious and family-oriented, to the JPS (“just plain silly.”)  As you’ll see, user-customization is the operative word here, and that’s a good thing.

PosterMyWall enables you to browse from dozens of neat poster backgrounds, which are also organized by category (Family Collage, Fantasy, Music, Travel, etc.)  Meanwhile, the Public Gallery contains dozens of posters created using PosterMyWall – very stimulating food-for-thought for would-be poster-makers seeking inspiration.  Again, the diversity was wonderful.  Posters ranged from tender family-stuff to the romantic to styles that almost bordered on pop art.  Clearly there’s a lot of fun to be had here.

Sufficiently intrigued, I felt like creating (which is rare, because I generally prefer to destroy).  I had two options: the poster maker or the collage maker. I chose the former, officially known as the Poster Builder.  I was first prompted to select an orientation.  I was initially appalled – I mean, I’m straight and very secure with it, but how is that relevant to making a poster? – only to realize they meant the paper orientation: portrait or landscape.  Next, I was asked to select a type of background for my poster: Facebook Instacollage, Image background (e.g. their templates), a background I upload myself, or a solid or color-fade background.  I choice option #2 – I wanted to use their templates – and I chose a beachy-themed background.  It’s like I stepped into a Corona commercial, hombre.  All that was left was the customization.

PosterMyWall Background

Now I’m not an expert with image-enhancing software like a Photoshop or whatnot – back on the farm we were a strict Microsoft Paint family – but it didn’t matter when it came to actually designing the thing.  The interface was crisp and easy-to-use and the canvas, as it were, was extremely intuitive.  There I could add a photo, text, change the background, or upload something from Flickr.  Upon completion, I could save it and return to it later, download it, or share it with friends.  Lastly, of course, I could purchase it (check out their prices on their home page.)

What’s also super-neat is their aforementioned collage maker that – you guessed it – pulls photos from your Facebook photo album.  Simply select an orientation (portrait or landscape), select photos from Facebook, and you’re off and running.

So, all in all, a wonderfully stimulating – and dare I say it, potentially addictive – platform in which to make custom posters or collages of your choosing.  And it is precisely because PosterMyWall provides this wonderful creative and user-centric platform that, of course, the poster won’t go the way of the dodo.  Those antiquated, long-gone analog formats were static, immutable, and not interactive: PosterMyWall is the exact opposite.  By providing simple, easy-to-use collage maker and poster maker tools, PosterMyWall lets users put their distinctive imprint on – forgive me for this – “memories that will last a lifetime.”

In fact, come 2049, your grandkid, after asking “What were books?” will then likely ask, “Wait, you mean when you were young, there was a time when you couldn’t make your own posters?  Lame!”

Then he’ll get on his hoverboard and hover away.

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