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Some days are ordinary. In fact for most of us, a lot of them are. I imagine too much excitement would make life a little too interesting. Having a bit of a routine can be therapeutic. But when a special day, moment, or event comes along it’s good to appreciate it for what it is. Whether it’s a holiday, party, wedding, festival, or just a fun get together, these are the times we value most. On such occasions people are bound to pull out their cameras and capture their favorite moments.

As is always the case, multiple people bring multiple cameras and then promise to email the pictures to each other. Sometimes they do, or sometimes they upload them to Facebook and tag people. After an event the collection of pictures all leave with their respective camera’s owner. As often as not these pics stay in the camera, don’t get passed around to everyone, or in my case, are deleted before anyone can see the evidence.

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A somewhat surprising fact of the internet is that no single site has asserted itself as a leader in the event photo market. What people need is a site that makes it easy for groups of people who may or may not all be Facebook friends, to share their photos from specific events. In a bold and ambitious move, ShareYourShots provides exactly that service. Only one person needs to register for an account, and they can give anyone they like access to this professional grade photo sharing site.

ShareYourShots, (found at, offers an ad free event page that people can upload their photos two. This comes with a variety of themes that can fit the tone of your event. They can be organized into slideshows as well. All those who are inducted into the group have the ability to upload or download photos. It allows you to retain the original image size so you don’t lose any quality. They can also purchase prints of the particularly good ones.

The real power of ShareYourShots comes with how it manages user accounts. People have three choices, first is premium, which is $6/month. Next is member, and last is guest. The premium accounts give you all the features including the ability to create as many new events as you would like, invite people to them, approval/reject photos, set the theme, create a custom URL for the event page, make minor edits to the photos, add captions, and set privacy options. Those who are invited have the option to join as a member or as a guest. Both are allowed to upload and share photos. By registering for a free member account it retains your photo favorites, doesn’t require you to enter the event access code every time you go to the site, and allows you to comment on photos. It also comes with a one week trial of the premium membership so you can test it out. Let’s face it though, some of us don’t need another account with another website. For this the guest account will work just fine. They can navigate to the site, enter the sharing code, view, upload, download, and buy prints of the photos, and go about their way.

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Sharing photos is an important part of how we spend our time online. It gives us insight into what people are up to and lets us connect with them in a way that wasn’t always possible. ShareYourShots lets you create photo albums that are event centered so they represent the perspectives of all the people there. This allows people to share and remember their memories for times to come.

  • Anonymous

    I would use DropEvent which was already featured here. It is free.

    1. Steve Gibson

      We’ve reviewed a number of Photo Sharing sites. There are many different design considerations and trade offs. Here’s a list, though it might not be complete.
      And of course ShareYourShots. Ultimately, the end user will be the judge(s)!

  • Michael

    Yes there are a few iterations of this service on the web. When I first had the idea there was only a couple of others, now there seems to be about 10. I still think Share Your Shots is unique, we don’t serve ads, we don’t downsize the photos, and we’re cheaper than the other pay services.

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