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Many people have the dream of building a website, making lots of money, and retiring before their thirtieth birthday. This dream fueled the dot com boom. Despite the few websites that dominated the internet, this era is most known for its massive influx of funding into even the most mediocre of ideas. These pseudo business plans with IPOs resonant of pyramid schemes, were big losers for a lot of people.

Even though these investments didn’t work out for most of those involved, the dream of making money online still exists. For some they want millions of dollars. Others want to make a living while having more freedom to enjoy their lives. Still others just want to see their creative ambitions come to fruition.

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One question that is quick to arise when launching a new site is whether to build it in house, outsource it, or when to use third party prefabricated products. Using third party products can have its limitations, but there are some designs that are well suited for them. Setting up an online store is one of those design problems that’s been solved hundreds of times. There’s really no reason to build an online store anymore. There are many options for setting up online stores that let you quickly get your store up and running. One of the easiest to use is ShopperPress.

ShopperPress is a theme that works along with WordPress. WordPress, the well known free blogging software, incorporates easily with a large number of themes and plugins. ShopperPress installs on top of WordPress and is an attractive out of the box web store complete with a shopping cart with checkout system.

Setting up ShopperPress is as easy as setting up any WordPress based website. WordPress is made famous by its five minute push button installation process. Once set up all you do is upload ShopperPress and activate the theme. The store can be configured and managed through the familiar WordPress admin interface. Products can be added, prices set, the checkout process can be set up, and payment methods can be configured.

Working with prefabricated solutions can sometimes force you into various design decisions that you may or may not want. ShopperPress provides a number of customizations that make it easy to get exactly the website you want. These include more than twenty different designs and color schemes. You also have over twenty different options for processing payments, the most well known of which is PayPal. Shipping, tax, coupon codes and promotions can be readily integrated with the check out process.

The store itself has numerous amenities including lists of items and galleries, a built in search engine, and multi language and currency display. The products can be displayed with a static image or in a rotating product slideshow. It also readily allows you to set up lists of featured products to bring best sellers to the forefront. As would be expected from any WordPress based system, configuring ads, integrating with Google analytics, and managing many ancillary aspects of the site is easy to do.

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ShopperPress is sold as a standalone product for a one time fee of $79. Once purchased it gives you access to lifetime support, lifetime upgrades, and an unlimited amount of installations. What this means is you can get your inspiration up and running quickly. Many cost effective webhosts allow multiple domain installations so it’s feasible that you can set up multiple stores in a short period of time.

The web remains a frontier that people are still trying to brave. They come up with great ideas and work to bring them to fruition. For those who are inspired to build online stores ShopperPress is on of the easiest ways to do so. It’s built on the backbone of the best blogging software and is readily customized to your needs. Far from the million dollar budgets that defined the boom in the dot com era, ShopperPress can help you get your web store online and ready to start selling.

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    The theme is extraordinary. With the help of your post, I bought the shopperpress and so far,so good. Thank you much

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    I’ve bought it as well, they have a really wide variety of payment gateway options. It’s really ideal for those who wants to do transactions worldwide. So far, I am a Happy Customer.. :)

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    I also bought this software and have to say it’s well worth the money, here is an example of what you can accomplish

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