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There are many secrets to success. Constant improvement, networking with the right people, and hard work are all cited as key ingredients to achieving one’s goals. My particular expertise is showing up, which occasionally results in good things happening. Being a bit on the silver tongued side, it’s sometimes easier to be smooth than to strictly adhere to the classic tried and true methods. Who am I kidding. It’s a lot easier to talk your way into things than it is jumping through all the appropriate hoops.

There’s one hoop that should never be forgotten about though- continuous learning. Constantly improving oneself is not only important to one’s success in business, it’s important to ones overall success in life. Feeding your mind with new ideas, concepts, and information is the only way to maintaining one’s intellectual edge. To achieve this people rely on books, classes, and online resources.

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The online space is full of materials of varying quality. Sifting through it can return the information you’re looking for, and sometimes confounded rhetoric. Providing a new resource for cost effective online learning is SmarterU. It’s a fully featured online training platform that allows for people to both provide training materials and to access them. It’s a platform for elearning for everyone.

As a learner SmarterU is simple. Just register for free, select the class you would like, and follow through the course to completion. Some classes are free and other are for a fee set by the person that created it. The courses themselves can include a full set of multi media material including audio, video, animation, and their trademarked SmarterGamesTM. This is a set of interactive learning tools that are customizable by the course instructor to boost comprehension. The courses also contain conventional teaching tools including text, PDFs, and tests.

For teachers and subject matter experts SmarterU provides exactly the platform they need for building online learning courses. They earn 85% of all fees incurred (less video bandwidth charges). Courses can be used in a variety of capacities including creating advanced training courses for your software or product as an add-on sale, introductory courses for your clients to begin building the relationship, or offering a certification programs. We’re considering coming up with the SlapStart certification program, “How to use wit, charm, and hypnosis to propel your career to a higher place.” It’s bound to be a top seller.


Once the course is built you can designate supervisors to help with course management. This helps manage the teacher workload for particularly popular courses. Also, similar courses can be packaged together. This gives teachers more control over how their courses are distributed as they can be sold separately or as a bundle. Examples might be a series on database configuration and access, or how to give a sales presentation. Course supervisors can view the progress of their students and track test scores. They can also send them direct messages to help them along the way.

SmarterU makes sense for every business or industry. The ease with which courses can be set up and deployed can quickly allow you to convey information. Also, offering a training program is a clear way to establish yourself as an expert. It immediately helps build credibility and can lead to increased sales.

Being successful requires long and sustained hard work. Along the way there’s learning, working, networking, and some good fortune too. The gift of gab definitely comes in handy as well. Regardless of the specific goal education is central to the success of one’s endeavors. Whether you’re looking for more information on a topic or an expert who’s able to teach, SmarterU can help you do it.

  • Simon

    Great post and thanks for sharing this information. I have checked out SmarterU and it seems like a great program with exceptional courses. We are currently in the process of running out and existing contract but will definitely switching.


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