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Here’s a tip, kid.  If you ever play in a band and happen to tour “the circuit,” one strange thing will strike you: in the men’s bathroom at every club, you’ll see the same stickers of bands who have previously passed through.

Be it in Buffalo, Baltimore, or…um, Botswana, there they are: the same stickers promoting the same bands.  Kinda like a guerilla promotion technique.  And another thing will strike you: all the stickers are kind of gross.  And crass.  And un-creative.  Y’know, big, bold white font on a black sticker.  Very uncompelling. Whatever.

This deep pearl of wisdom occurred to me when I saw the colorful, evocative, and yes, beautiful sticker designs on StickerMule- a fun and affordable maker of custom stickers.  These stickers won’t make you angry.  They are not your grandfather’s stickers!!

StickerMule Home

Bottom line: StickerMule is the easiest way to buy custom stickers.  Their specialty is die cut stickers that are cut to the shape of your design with extraordinary precision.  So, if the sticker is a banana then they’ll get a banana-shaped sticker, as opposed to a rectangle sticker with a picture of a banana on it.  Ditto if it were, say, the shape of a pear.  Or a pineapple.  Or, heck, or the shape of Indonesia!  They aspire to be every startups’ favorite sticker printing service, and to the extent we at SlapStart are esteemed purveyors of taste-making, they get two rousing thumbs up.

So, the home page is bound to grab your attention.  (I mean, there’s a sticker of Frankenstein-Elvis for goodness sakes.)  On the bottom, we see there are three main offerings: custom stickers, die-cut stickers, and custom skins (y’know, for your iPod or whatever.)  I clicked on the first option, and was taken to a page where I could further specify what kind of sticker I wanted: rounded-corner stickers, square stickers, circle stickers, die-cut stickers – eight choices in total.  Given the buzz around die-cuts, I chose that.  I was then asked to select a size and quantity, and then was prompted to upload artwork.  I had a photo kicking around my desktop and selected it.  Lastly, I was taken to the checkout page.  Easy!

At this juncture, it’s important to note that your credit card isn’t charged unless you are happy.  You see, StickerMule creates a proof for you to review. You approve your proof online or request changes, and then – and only then – are you charged.  And they’ll fix any problems for free.  Shipping is free too.

This easy ordering process is also identical for the other, aforementioned stickers: the die-cuts and the skins.  In fact, they’ve got all kinds of skins.  Skins for iPads, iPhones, iPods, laptops, Kindles – everything but skins for your dentures (you really shouldn’t be leaving them around like that.)

StickerMule Products

But of course, the smoothest customer experience in the world is only worth so much – it’s the finished product that counts. And from what I saw, the stickers were almost – dare I say it – artistic. It’s an important philosophical distinction, actually.  Stickers, by their nature, are somewhat invasive and blunt.  They shout at you, “Hey check me out!” after invading your private space.  Like Darryl, the uninvited dinner guest who hogs the cornbread, won’t wipe is face, and refuses to leave.  He’s the worst.

StickerMule’s stickers are more like, say, Pablo, the elegant Brazilian Physics Phd student.  You didn’t really notice him there, but now you’re pretty stoked.  He’s polite, he offers to wash the dishes, taught your grandma how to salsa dance, and is chiseled like a golden god.  Perhaps that’s because, like Pablo’s bronzed Mediterranean complexion, StickerMule’s stickers are made from the highest quality materials available: extra thick (6 mil) vinyl with a study paper backing.

But I digress.

Ultimately, StickerMule’s sticker printing offerings, particularly its die cut stickers are tasteful, catchy, and a wonderful idea for anybody looking to promote their brand: a start-up, a band, pretty much anyone who has to market something.  They re-invent the idea of the sticker, and in a very good, aesthetically pleasing way.  Its friendly designer gurus on the back end make creating custom stickers a breeze, and navigationally speaking, ordering them is a breeze.

So the next time you’re playing an empty room in Anniston, Alabama, trapped in a stark existential abyss and depressingly gazing at those abrasive, gnarly stickers in the urinal, rest assured there’s another path. An inventive and compelling sticker-path, forged by the overall-clad trail-blazers of StickerMule.

Also, after show, if you’re able to do laundry, do it.  Wash those socks.  They really stink up the van.

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