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In business there are three secrets to success. You need more sales (thrice over). Sales drive business. You can have the best product on the market and world renowned service, but if you can’t make sales, the company will fail. The sales team, with their savvy command of language, relationship building talent, and ability to close deals, is the lifeblood of every company. If you can’t get people to part with their money in exchange for your product, you might as well go home.

There are many icons within the sales industry who guide the next crop of sales professionals as they learn the trade. One of the most prominent of these is Jeffrey Gitomer. He offers his must-read-if-you-are-in-business-in-any-capacity advice, in The Sales Bible. It gives 10.5 dynamic ways to become a top closer. (You have to read the book to get the point five reference.)

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All this is fine and good, but at the end of the day companies need to find personnel to staff their sales team. A funny thing about sales is you can have ten people selling the exact same product, and two or three of them will stand head and shoulders over the rest. They use the same presentation, same pitch, and target similar markets as their cohorts. But at the end of the month their numbers tower over the rest of the team. These are top closers. And they’re valuable.

How companies find top closers is the question. One sales manager I worked for said he never had to prepare a resume due to his connections. His admonition? Once you establish yourself as a top closer you can pretty much go anywhere. For everyone else however, they’re relegated to uninspiring job boards with their please don’t make me read another, ads. This oddly venerated ritual resembles a cross between musical chairs and Russian roulette. It’s clumsy at best and the top talent doesn’t always get noticed.

Now there’s a network that seeks to cultivate relationships with top sales talent and those that may employ them. StrictlyClosers is a site that provides the forum for the introduction and professional relationship development of sales professionals and the companies that seek them.

StrictlyClosers was founded by seasoned recruiters. They utilize technology to manage relationships, but also use their knowledge of recruiting to ensure it doesn’t become a resume and cover letter free for all. Employers can post positions that are open today, or ones that will become open in the future. These are then presented to potential candidates who can respond. The next step isn’t necessarily to come in for an interview, but rather to include that person in your network. The process focuses on broadening ones network of relationships. As such, it doesn’t resign itself to such things as resume uploads and broad searching of talent. It’s set up for one on one introductions and correspondence amongst professionals.

Joining StrictlyClosers closers is a paid privilege. Employers can select how many connections they’d like to make a month. Closers can describe their talent so StrictlyClosers can match them based upon their strengths. Since all communication takes place within the StrictlyClosers’ system, both parties have the option to maintain their anonymity. Each are sent relevant matches from which they can carry on a relationship. Some of these may lead to employment positions.

They say sales cures all problems. Strong sales numbers give businesses the money they need to pay for improvements, support, and new product development. As such, finding top closers is the most critical part of the business process. StrictlyClosers provides the selective forum to make the introduction, so businesses can both seek candidates for today as well as meet strong prospects for tomorrow.

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