The Fastest Way: Quicker, Better, Faster

Life of full of things we do over and over again. Every day we tie our shoes, brush our teeth, put on our clothes and then later that day, take them off again. We cook, clean, make reservation, cancel our phone service, deposit money at the bank, drive through traffic. We go through hundreds of routines each of which takes time. Lots of time. There’s got to be a faster way.

That’s what some other people were thinking as well, so they built a site to seek out faster ways to do things for all to see. Introducing, The Fastest Way, (found at It’s a site that catalogs the fastest ways to do anything imaginable. From solving Mario Brothers, folding a shirt, taking it off, clearing up acne, to getting over a hangover, The Fastest Way provides a forum for people to describe and discuss the fastest way to do things.

The Fastest Way- to fold a shirt!

The way it works is pretty straight forward. The site is designed with fastest way listings that run down the screen. You can read through or watch the ones that are of most interest. Listings can include video, pictures, or text. The design itself is reminiscent of an abandonware video game from 1982. The green on black retro style is an aesthetic reprieve from the fancy schmancy designs of most sites. It’s nice to come across a different look and feel for a change.

Once you’ve perused through the latest batch of fastest way posts, you may find yourself wanting to comment or contribute. For this you can register which gives you full access to the site. The comment system allows some HTML so you can fashion it however you like. When it comes to creating your own fastest way posts there are two options. The first is to describe the process that you are an expert in the how to do it the fastest. The second is to post a fastest way request, which allows you to seek the counsel of other fastest way experts. Let’s say you are tired of cleaning tarnish off of your best silver. You can make a request as to how to do that.

The post edit form is rather attractive. The dialogue box sprints you straight out of the 80s design into the era of web 2.0. (Pictured below.) The attractive entry box provides all the common amenities of a common WYSIWYG editor so you don’t have to rely on HTML. It actually provides multiple editing options including WYSIWYG, HTML, textile, and markdown. Posts can be giving tags and categories, along with summaries, references, and specifying RSS enclosure information. I’m not sure the full set of information is being utilized in the current design. Most of us will stick to the basics, but it’s neat to see the extra functionality.

The Fastest Way- Post Editor

Users are given profile pages where you can view all their entries. You can subscribe to updates from them as well to be the first to see their latest entries. The site also has the framework set up to send and receive direct messages between users, but it doesn’t appear to be connected just yet. The site was only launched a few weeks ago and is peripheral features are still being added.

The Fastest Way is a great concept. There are many redundant activities we go through every day. Learning how to do them faster lets us get on with our day doing the things we enjoy most. One way to describe it is- The Fastest Way, is the fastest way, to learn how to do things, the fastest.

The Fastest Way took one too many shortcuts and tripped on the cord to their server. We’re not sure when the plug was pulled, but we’ll forever remember their contribution.

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