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People get together for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps they’re starting a running club. Or maybe everybody’s going through a knitting phase. Sometimes neighbors come together to address issues affecting the community. This joining together for a common purpose is the foundation of our society. Our interconnectedness allows us to accomplish more than any of us could on our own.

The key to keeping groups together is communication. For some groups I’ve been involved in I ended up calling everyone before every event. Sometimes it’s the best way to give people a reminder that you value their contributions and to keep them on track with upcoming activities. Keeping everyone on the same page helps the group stay on task and keep people involved.

Most groups look to the web to deliver them. Typically they use Facebook, Evite, and email to communicate. These work to a degree but at the end of the day they’re relying mainly on email and notifications to stay up to date. It would be helpful to place all the information in one location for people to view. Toonti is a website that allows you to create just that- online social communities for your group, club, business, or organization.

At a very basic level Toonti is a website builder. People can create a group and use a series of dynamic tools to build their site. Sites can consist of photos, journals, blogs, bulletins, members, events, forums, suggestions, documents, and general info. Every aspect of the design can be edited. This includes all the HTML and CSS. Or, if you prefer, you can use the drag and drop design wizard to set it up. It’s nice to have the full control over the design, but using a tool to configure things is often much easier. I was particularly impressed with the three column layout and the ease with which you can adjust the various column widths. Sections can be added or removed depending what you prefer. Likely not every site needs a bulletin, blog, and journal so you can pick the combination that works best for you. Once you have it all set up you can post texts, photos, links, videos, or just about anything else.

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Members can join which allows them to RSVP to events, offer suggestions, or participate in the forum. The open nature of the website allows everyone to collaborate and contribute. Toonti set up a demo site for Urban Running, pictured above. It shows all the aspects of a customized website.

Setting up a website is a key component of getting a group together. It gives people something they can rally around and provides a central location to find information. Toonti is an easy way to set one up. Within minutes you can be up and running and posting updates or announcing events. If you need, you can customize the underlying code of the site as well. Whatever your preference for configuration, Toonti helps you bring your website online for your group, club, or organization.

Looks like Toonti is shutting down. Sorry to see you go! See comment below from the owners.

  • Hüseyin

    eglencenin tam yerine geldin

    (Admin translated- This is Turkish, “Instead of the fun came to a complete.” No idea what it’s supposed to mean…)

  • Toonti Owners

    Just want to let everyone know that on Aug 28th, Toonti will be shutting down. Despite the fact that we have some loyal users on the site, we can’t continue to operate due to the absence of significant traffic. It has been a difficult decision, but one that every entrepreneur must make. We hope that many of the communities on our platform will continue to thrive in the future regardless. We want to thank all of our members and those who have supported us along the way.

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