TuneCrank: Some pretty cool songs

Millions of people across the world would like to become rockstars. They hear their favorite songs on the radio, go out and get a guitar, and start to play. A few bad haircuts later, maybe some tattoos, and a fair degree of burnout, they find that they’re not much further along than when they started. Sure they hit the bars, maybe they hit the road. But their fame is limited to MySpace’s dwindling following and the guy at the late night liquor store. They didn’t make it.

But their songs are great. People always seem to come out and enjoy the show. They sell a few tunes on iTunes. How can they be heard by a broader audience? More importantly, where can the rest of us go to hear their music? As it turns out, there are a lot of bands that fall short of international fame and some of their songs are worth a listen. Providing a new venue for off off Broadway but still pretty good music, is TuneCrank.

TuneCrank Home

TuneCrank is a site for bands and for those who want to hear their music. Bands can upload their songs, and people can play them and vote on them. To the every day user there are (currently) no user accounts. Just go to the home page and press play on a song that seems interesting. You can view how many plays it has and what its ranking is. The voting comes in three forms, thumbs up, thumbs down, and totally rocking. The songs are listed based upon plays and how users rank them.

Playing songs in TuneCrank is easy. You press play on the song. It has a player that displays inline so the page doesn’t navigate away. In fact, there aren’t direct profile pages for individual songs. Songs are associated with bands, which are listed on their band page. After the song you’re playing finishes it proceeds to the next one, and on down the line. The band profile pages also have a brief description and a list of links to their other web presences. Here you’ll find the aforementioned lackluster MySpace pages, and hopefully a personal band site as well. The page also includes any awards they won on TuneCrank. Each week TuneCrank names their top hit. So far the competition is a bit lopsided so there’s definitely room for some new musicians.

TuneCrank’s FAQ reflects the no BS attitude of many musicians. To the question about whether bands can upload songs from Christina Aguilera, they say Yes! Just get her permission first. In there you’ll find other gems about the site. People can upload as much music as they like, you can’t advertise with them at this time, the site’s totally free, and they accept any genre- great tunes are great tunes.

Whether you’re a band looking for some more exposure or a music enthusiast looking for new tunes, TuneCrank is a great place to go. The ease of using the player lets you turn it on in the background and click back to the site if a song catches your attention. Or, you can jump to the next one. (Up and coming bands have been known to put out some fairly lamentable songs from time to time. ) With TuneCrank you can be the judge, and hear some pretty cool tunes.

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