VipID: Introducing the Amazing Introductions

They say you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. What people think of you upon first meeting goes a long way. Why this is we’ll leave to the social scientists to debate. The fact remains that people only have one chance to make a positive lasting impact on those they meet. This can be cause for trepidation or a great opportunity. Some people spend long hours on personal care, unwilling to leave the house unless they’re completely dressed up.

When it comes to the online world the ability to make a first impression is much more limited. All people have to go on is your username, email address, or maybe a photo. This doesn’t really go that far one way or the other. There’s no grand announcement or proclamation of the coming entry of an important person.

Filling the void of personifying our introductions is VipID, (found at per note above). Now, we should clarify that they fill a void that isn’t currently impacted right now. That’s because they make a unique and innovative product- a custom video introduction designer. In just a few minutes you can create brief video introductiona that are bound to amaze and dazzle all who view it.

The way it works is simple. There are a series of video templates from which you can choose. These templates are what make VipID special. They have 3D animated graphics with catchy audio. Some of them are derived from familiar themes and tunes. Each has a series of customizable options. These allow you to add 3D animated text to your video. The result is leaps and bounds better than any 2D video. You have to see it to believe it. Presenting, my new introduction video. (removed per note above.)

Now that you’re all standing in full applause, I’m sure you understand the power of such an introduction. It’s a little bit goofy, a little bit funny, but it sticks with you. The secret sauce behind VipID is that it’s not built solely by web developers but rather by those with decorated portfolios in visual effects. Their staff has worked on multiple blockbuster movies and is active in the 3D animation world. The end result is a series of eye catching themes that are bound to set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

VipID Home

VipID has a limited free offering. This gives you up to three 480×270 videos just for signing up. To upgrade it runs on a points system, which allows access to as many videos as you like and at higher resolutions. The maximum is 1920×1080. The downloadable formats are FLV and mp4. Depending on which point package you buy and what quality of video you select, it comes down to a couple bucks per video. Most themes can be used with the free option, and a few are restricted to paid videos. This is likely a result of the excess processor time those videos take to render. Anyone who’s worked with video processing knows it’s a very expensive process from a CPU standpoint. If you’re looking to cause your computer to crash just install video processing software and render a couple videos. Unless you have a state of the art system it will bring everything to a sluggish halt. VipID server will likely be working overtime to keep up with the rendering schedule.

In a world where personality is masked by usernames, profile pics, and email addresses, it’s hard to make a good impression with people. VipID gives you that opportunity. It lets you reach out across the world and put a smile on people’s face. After all, making people laugh is the best way to make a first impression. For whatever purpose, be it personal, or for any other cause, VipID gives you the tools to make an intro video that will stand out.

After an internal shake up VipID has moved to iVipid. It’s great the core project was able to continue.

  • fachito

    hey esta pajina ya no esta disponible ps alguien me puede ayudar

  • Marco Morales

    I did buy 1000 points pay $45.00 and it show 0 points in my credit
    and I also want to know if I can use it in iMovie ?

  • juve

    quiero aser mis propios intros
    (means ‘I want my own intros’ roughly…)

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