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People love buying new things. Most of us keep an ongoing list of things we want in the back of our heads. Be it a phone, computer, car, house, or vacation, there are always more things people hope to purchase one day. With so many options to research new items online you’d think it would be easy to find out the best options for buying them. This isn’t always the case though. The web is so full of product review sites, each with voting, comments, expert reviews, and advertisements, it’s hard to tell what’s good and what’s not.

This is where Wantlet comes in. It’s a site where you can connect with other people and get their feedback on what you want. From real, live people.

Wantlet Home

To use Wantlet you just search on what you want. If it already exists you can see what others are saying. If it doesn’t exist then it creates a separate profile page for the new item. Impressively, it pulls a series of relevant thumbnail pics from which you can select one to represent it. From there you can make the want public or private. You can post it to your Facebook wall by making it public. I tested this, listing my first want as a vacation. So far I have invites to Oregon and Cambodia. (Not sure what my Japanese friend is doing in Cambodia.)

Wantlet allows you to get feedback on your want from your Facebook friends as well as from those who have already joined Wantlet. You can follow people who may in turn follow you. In particular you’re likely to match up with the ones you have common interests with as they’re listed on the right column. Each Want page has a comment section, can have a location set up, can be linked to a website, photos uploaded, and then can also be linked to other wants. So my want of vacation could be linked to a kayak, tent, or a vacation to Hawaii. (Or Cambodia!)

You can create various lists above and beyond the default public and private ones. This allows you to organize your wants into logical categories. So in my case it would be fast food wants, video game wants, and then motorcycle wants. Those are really the only things that matter I’d say. The good thing about Wantlet is that it’s fairly gender neutral. For a site that augments your shopping experience I was expecting it to be all dresses and hair products.

As would be expected it’s easy to view previous wants so you can track your wants over time. This is particularly useful for the wants that you added so you can see the comments as they roll in. There’s also an activity tab so you can track all your actions on the site- who you follow, what you want, what you commented on, etc. One other point of interest, Wantlet has the most impressive FAQ we’ve seen to date, with 47 questions and counting.

Wantlet provides a new and unique way to gain insight on the things you want. It allows you to get straight to the point and hear from people who have real experiences buying the product. Here you don’t have to sift through the ruses of marketers. Learning from other’s mistakes and experiences is definitely the way to go. It can save you money, hassle, and greatly improve your buying experience. This is where Wantlet excels. It allows you to bypass the online rhetoric and get straight to the bottom.

Wantlet is down, but not out. So they say. We’re placing our money on them coming back with a vengeance one day.

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