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When people go to new places they normally look for things to do. They want to see the sights, catch a show, and go to the best restaurants. It’s normal to look into what a town has to offer when you haven’t been there before. But when we’re at home many of us don’t seek out new things to do. We know our favorite places and tend to stick with them. Unless you’re one of those people who’s constantly in the know, you’re likely missing out.

Where does one go to find out the latest places and things to do in their town? Most rely on a combination of their friends, the radio, and searches online. If you know what you’re looking for then searching online may bring up some good ideas. If you’d like to go bowling during your weekend trip to Vegas, you can certainly find that. “Yes dear, I’m going to Vegas with the guys to go bowling.”

Explore with Woomark

Whatever your interest, now there’s a way to explore new places to go wherever you are. Woomark is a new social network that let’s you share and discover places of interest anywhere in the world. It allows you to search for places from the web or with its Android app.

The most common usage is to search for things to do based upon your location. The site comes with one of my favorite features in that it automatically sets your location. All you need to do is type in the search bar whatever sounds interesting and it returns relevant, location based results. As Woomark is also a social network, this is just the beginning.

Woomark is comprised of groups where people can explore and share places around the world. So if you’re looking for a café or place to find a drink in Italy, you may join the group Aperitivi e non solo. “Honey, which of these cafés would you like to go to while we’re in Italy?” (This is bound to get a lot better reaction than the Vegas bowling expedition.) If you don’t find the group you’re looking for you can readily create your own. People within the groups can follow other users to see what events and locations are of interest to them. They can also send private messages to get more details, or perhaps make plans.

All this can be accessed from the web, but the real power of Woomark comes when you’re out and about. Let’s say you jump on a last minute flight to Paris for an (extended) weekend. After spending the afternoon wandering through centuries art and sculpture, the Louvre personnel kick you out. It’s time to get the most amazing dinner of your life. Just pull out your Android and look for places to eat. You pretty much can’t go wrong with the dining experience in France so you pick one that sounds good. Anything that sells snails and doesn’t offer burgers is likely pretty good. As those who’ve been to Paris know, its streets are amongst the most confusing in the world. That’s no problem with Woomark as it’s integrated with Google Maps. Directions can be readily displayed.

Woomark, Golden Gate Bridge page

Woomark is a great way to find new things to do. Its geosocial capabilities along with the GPS in your phone make the discovery of new places easy and fun. The social network of groups and their members gives you the opportunity to find out information about a place from people who have been there. Whether you’re having a glass of wine in Italy, dinner in France, or ‘just bowling, I promise!’ in America’s city known for other exploits, Woomark can help you find it.

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