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Most online shoppers know that they can often get discounts from major retailers. Whenever you’re about to buy something and you see a field to enter a promo code, that’s a sign that you can save money. Just search on the name of the product and “coupon” and see what comes up. There are coupon codes listed throughout the web.

But where do these coupon code sites come from? These sites are rich repositories of time sensitive money saving information. As it turns out, starting a coupon code website isn’t all that hard. CouponPress provides a powerful tool to launch a coupon code based website that will collect and distribute coupon codes.

CouponPress Home

The first thing to know about CouponPress is that it’s WordPress based. The ever popular blogging software can be configured to do just about anything online. In this case, adding the CouponPress theme to your WordPress installation gives you an instant coupon ready website.

Once installed there are more than 20 themes to choose from. These give your website its own look and feel. You also have access to the original PSD files so you can make larger design modifications if you like. Once the general look and feel is established there are many other customizable options. The most basic of these is setting up packages for people to buy their coupon listing on your site. So you might offer a free listing for a week, and then longer listings for a fee. Users have the option to set up accounts, purchase coupon listings, and then configure them.

To get things started you may kick it off by importing a series of coupons from a separate location. CouponPress has a feature that lets you pull products from major coupon outlets such as iCodes or ForMeToCoupon. You can also import them from a spreadsheet. Once they’re all set up the coupon listings themselves have a few options. These are click to reveal, or click to copy. The ‘click to reveal’ option will only show the visitor the coupon code once they click the link which takes them to your affiliate website. The ‘click to copy’ tool copies the coupon code to the user’s clipboard and takes them directly to the affiliate website using your affiliate links. These are the two main ways coupons are distributed online.

Savvy online shoppers know that coupon sites aren’t widely known for being 100% reliable. Sometimes ‘coupons’ turn out to be advertisements with no real benefit to the buyer. Other times they’re past their expiration. For any number of reasons the coupon may not work as expected. For this CouponPress provides a feedback system where users can indicate whether the code worked or not. That way the faulty coupons will identified so you can purge them from the system.

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There are many other features to CouponPress. These include the ability to integrate with major online payment systems, such as PayPal. There are also monthly sales charts so you know how much money the site is making. You can have unlimited listings, articles, pages, and categories with your site. The software sells for a one time fee of $79 which gives you an unlimited license for all upgrades, and lifetime support. For the particularly vigorous coupon enthusiast, you can even set up as many CouponPress based sites as you would like. It comes with an unlimited domain license.

Setting up a coupon sites is perhaps the type of activity relegated to web junkies. The ease with which CouponPress allows you to do so makes it feasible to get your site up and running in minutes. After a quick import from other providers a site can be fleshed out with content in no time. Whatever your drive or reason, with CouponPress you can quickly set up your coupon site

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