Criticrania: A Social Network for Multimedia

People love meeting online. Be it Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network, it’s fun to connect with other people. Social networks are the most common place for people to meet. Everybody bands together in pods of friends so they can share their thoughts, and life experiences with each other. As more people join the various social networks, each became known for something different. Myspace is (was) the home of all musicians. Facebook is a place to meet all your friends, past, present, and future. Twitter became (help me out here), err, a place to share 140 characters messages amongst broad groups of people. Really, it’s becoming a place for superstars, where you can follow your icons in one sided relationships. Whether you want to follow your favorite musicians, Hollywood personalities, or just to connect with friends, people will always seek to meet each other online.

In the spirit of creating a social network based upon common interest, Criticrania was formed. It’s a social network built around all the multimedia you could ever imagine. You can connect with your friends and learn about the latest movies, TV, books (does anyone read books anymore?), video games, and music.

Criticrania Home

The first thing to know about Criticrania, besides that they focus on multimedia, is that it looks good. I mean, their site is fun to navigate around on. The colors jump out at you with eye catching rollover images. They pretty much ignored the whole ‘bad design is a good design’ philosopher.

Once you get over the awestruck feeling of looking at a site that’s easy on the eyes, you can begin searching through the sections. Not wasting much time, I quickly navigated to video games. Here you have the option to add a game, view the list of video games, or check out a random game. Once you pick one it brings up a profile page for that game where you can see the Criticrania ratings and some basic information about it. (See sample below.) As would be expected you can rate it, and add comments or reviews. All the other multimedia categories provide similar profile pages where you can learn more information about the items.

Criticrania Video Game

The social networking aspect of Criticrania comes with something known as Criticompatibility (CC). This is a rating determined by Criticrania about how likely you and another person will give things the same rating. As you participate in the site, your scores will be continually adjusted and updated. Thus, you can be connected with those you are more likely to have similar interests with. Similar to other social networks, you can follow people, they can follow you, and you can share direct messages. Criticrania recently launched and some of these features are still forthcoming.

People love connecting online. Criticrania gives you the option to connect and discuss the things you’re most interested in. Be them movies, music, books, or more, it’s a great place to connect, discuss, and learn about your favorite multimedia items.

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