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There are few things more intoxicating than riding a motorcycle. The freedom that comes with being out with the elements. Feeling the road beneath you. Leaning into turns and revving the throttle just a bit. The ability to take off if you see a driver that irritates you. The women that look on, wanting to be on back- riding a bike gets in your blood and once it’s there, you can’t get it out. And you don’t want to. It makes you feel alive.

The exhilaration actually starts before you even have a bike. It begins when you’re buying one. Those who are just one handshake, a few signatures, and a couple thousand dollars away from owning their new bike, can only see the twisty roads ahead. It’s hard to think straight when it’s all right there in front of you. I remember my last bike. I sold it to new rider who came to take a look at it. The bike had been out in the rain, the windshield was off center, rust was creeping, and it was starting to show its age. He inspected every square inch of that thing. All the while I was wondering what egregious flaw he was going to point out and begin haggling. There would be no haggling that day, as the enchantment of the motorcycle had taken over. Slowly he stood up and announced, “Welp, I see nothing wrong with it.” Then he paid me my money and road off.

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The allure of a new bike has taken in many riders. Its captivating spell makes you dizzy with euphoria. Make no mistake, this euphoria is better than any drug and riding a bike does not disappoint. But when purchasing a motorcycle, one is best to keep their wits about them. Providing a cure from the charms of a new motorcycle, is CycleVIN.

CycleVIN allows people to purchase a motorcycle VIN check for used motorcycles. These motorcycle history reports give buyers the insight they need into a motorcycle’s history so they can know what you’re riding before you get out on the road.

Let’s face it. Despite the rush of riding a motorcycle, it’s inherently dangerous. You need to know what your bike has been through and what condition it’s in, in order to protect your safety. Although the community of riders generally watches out for their own, sometimes sellers won’t be forthcoming with the storied history of a bike. Or in other cases maybe they just don’t know. It’s entirely possible they could have been drawn in by the same magnetism as everyone else when buying their bike. CycleVIN can add some reason to the otherwise romantic experience of buying a motorcycle.

Using CycleVIN is simple. Enter the VIN number of the bike, pay the $25 fee, and await the report. The report includes all the pertinent data on the history of the bike. This includes where and when it was titled, any maintenance that was reported, the manufacturer’s specs, all accidents, and then salvage and auction history. It’s like a carfax for motorcycles.

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The biggest issue with CycleVIN is the same as the with guy who bought my bike. As soon as you discover a flaw, your mind starts rationalizing why it’s not that big of a deal. For this, you’re on your own. CycleVIN will give you the facts, so you can make an informed decision on your motorcycle purchase. With it, you can be sure you’ll be safe on the road, while you breath in the rush of fresh air and miles of highway ahead.

* Note, my bike was in great mechanical shape. It just had a few battle scars from good use.

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    These guys ripped off instaVIN’s site and trippled the price. instaVIN has motorcycle reports that have more data and only charge $6.99. These guys won’t be around long! Try

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