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Internet marketing is a funny business. People do all sorts of technological gymnastics in order to get the word out about their site. In the normal marketing world you need to get exposure in publications or broadcasts that are frequented by your target market. But in the internet marketing world you all of a sudden start caring about backlinks, and whether they’re dofollow or nofollow. And you pay attention to the pagerank of the sites that post links to you. You may find yourself leaving comments on chat boards only to include a link back to your site. Or you might submit your site to numerous search engines. By the time you’re through with it you begin to wonder how the marketing world became so convoluted.

Regardless of how you feel about the state of the online internet marketing industry, some aspects are here to stay. One of the microcosms of this industry is link directories. These websites’ sole purpose is to include links to other websites. In so doing they help with the overall ranking of your own site. So included in your quest for internet marketing exposure is submitting your site to various online directories. As the directory gets more popular it gains value to others that would like to be listed as well. There’s money to be made in being the owner of such a directory.

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But how to build one? This takes time, money, and requires a certain degree of maintenance. Fortunately there’s a way to create your own directory listing website with ease. DirectoryPress is a WordPress theme that allows you to quickly and easily set up your own directory. The installation and configuration is simple, allowing you to set up your own directory within minutes.

The way it works is pretty straightforward. First install WordPress. Once installed, then download and install the DirectoryPress theme. From there you can configure the options, and begin selling listing spots on your directory.

Like all new products, the fun is in configuring the options. DirectoryPress comes with numerous options including more than 25 directory website templates, multiple payment gateways including PayPal, and the ability to integrate with Google Maps. This gives people the ability to pinpoint their business location on a map. It also includes a website thumbnail API, star rating system, and affiliate ready directories. The thumbnail API will generate preview images and comes with its own documentation on how to use it. The affiliate ready system allows you to import thousands of directory listings and link them in with your own affiliate code. For example, let’s say you’d like to include in your listings spring fashion designs from your favorite online boutique. This can import them into your website, adding in the affiliate code so that you’ll earn affiliate rewards when people purchase from the link on your site.

DirectoryPress Theme

Members are given their own account area so they can purchase and then edit and update their directory listing. You can set your own listing price for how much it will cost for various levels of listing. Expiration dates can be added. There’s the option to allow them to use HTML, upload photos, and include personal contact info. On top of the directory listings, all the advertising space is configurable as well so it’s easy to include ads. Any directory website worth its salt has to have ads.

Creating online directories is fun. With DirectoryPress you can install as many directories as you would like, for the one time fee of $79. Whether you’re providing a service to help those with their internet marketing, or setting up an affiliate program to generate some revenue, DirectoryPress is one of the quickest and easiest ways to set up online directories.

  • Dan Brown

    I am using directorypress for a long time and it worked excellent. It is easy to use and I satisfied with it.

  • JK

    I picked it up in anticipation of building a wordpress website and in particular, a biz directory.

    After hours of stumbling around, then starting over with fresh uninstall then re-installs, I still haven’t gotten a basic directory started.

    Watched the how-to video, but just couldn’t get things to come together like the video did.

    Did find an older directorypress version’s how-to guide while googling the topic and that is exactly what I need.

    I am starting out with both WP and directorypress at the same time.

    Guess it’s time to take a step back and get a dummies guide to WP first, then try directorypress again.

    Can anyone recommend a good beginner’s guide to WP?

    1. Steve Gibson

      Here are three guides

      Plenty of information there. Should keep you busy for a while.

  • vijay

    in directory press how to stop mails through coding when the new user registered into site?

  • ikram

    i have two or three Confussions ..
    1: is there any option in directorypress theme that i can add “add to favourite” or “add to short list” option on listing…
    2: the search option in directory press theme searches only in main category.. and if i type the name of subcategory it shows “nothing found” like that…

    these two major problems i am getting through.. could you please assist me for these….
    i was unable to contact you on your site because of login restrictions …. i am a third party developer …and my client’s client should have purchased that theme… i dont have the login access which you required…. so please consider it as soon as….

  • abdivilleris
    Great site for blogs, tutorials,
    interesting posts! Thanks for sharing you Unique and Useful knowledge with us about directory press.

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