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It’s no secret that people like romance. The desire to connect with someone and have a relationship is ingrained into almost all of us. For some this is an easy endeavor. They find someone they like, and that person likes them, and they pair off. For many this process takes multiple twists and turns. The initial excitement of meeting someone new wears off quickly or slowly, leading to a disappointing end. Love isn’t always easy to find.

In this technological age people have turned to the internet to expand their pool of potential mates. These internet free for alls are widely known for being awkward and inherently superficial. Many sites have attempted to bridge the connection gap between romantic partners and ease the introductions of couples. Some base it upon personality matching, others upon good looks, and still others skip the relationship entirely and focus on the intimacy. In all cases, relationships are most likely successful when based upon common interests.

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Now there’s a single site to find a date online where you can meet up with people based upon the things you have in common. The site- GroupeeLove, is a free online dating site that groups people together based upon their interests. It’s a fun way to get to know new people in a relaxed environment.

The way it works is you can create or join groups based upon interest. Some of the groups currently are dog lovers or people from New York. There’s no limit to how many groups you can be a part of. Once you join a group you can meet the people or take part in the discussion. The discussion is a comment board where group members can contribute. The fact that guys and girls are able to interact it is actually my favorite part of the site. It makes for a more realistic social environment. Conventional dating sites generally try to only connect those people that might be interested in dating. GroupeeLove provides an environment where you can meet, but are also able to make new friends too. Likely it will lend itself to people being more genuine.

Each user is assigned a profile. Some highlights include what you think is a perfect match and what you think is a deal breaker. These are perhaps the most telling entries. So, let’s say you don’t want a woman who makes it her goal to become an expert in all your shortcomings (why do they do that??). Here’s a good place to indicate your aversion to a constant stream of criticism. Or if your perfect match is the daughter of a Saudi Prince, but really down to earth, then you can put that as well.

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So all this is neat, but at the end of the day you’d like to meet someone new, right? If you don’t immediately find someone in the groups you’ve joined, you can use their search utility. Besides offering an inviting platform for people to meet, GroupeeLove built the most robust search engine we’ve seen to date. You can adjust your criteria based upon anything from age range, preference, ethnicity, and whether they’re a dog or cat person. It has a dizzying amount of options so you can be as selective as you’d like. Once you find someone that seems interesting you can send them a message and begin corresponding. From there, you can take the first steps of what may be a life long journey together.

Finding an online date can be challenging. It’s hard to size up people simply based upon an online profile and a few messages. GroupeeLove makes it easy to find out who people are based upon what they’re interested in. This gives you more insight than any number of quizzes or personality sorters. At the end of the day, the groups they join represent how they spend their time. This makes GroupeeLove a friendly and easy way to find a date online.

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