Job searching in style

Looking for a job can be a stressful experience. Even under the best circumstances it takes a lot of work. First you have to prepare your resume. Then you need to search for jobs that you’re qualified for. Once identified, next comes preparing cover letters. Here you have to tailor each one to potential employers highlighting specific qualifications and why you would be a good candidate. Usually it’s helpful to make adjustments to your resume as well. Hiring managers can be exceedingly picky- if you don’t impress them right away you’re likely to be overlooked. This process goes on every day until you finally are awarded a job offer.

One of the most critical pieces is finding the jobs to apply for. Some people rely on word of mouth. It is always helpful if you know someone who already works at a company who tells you about an opening. If you don’t have this luxury then it’s up to you to find new job openings. For the most part, people look to online resources to learn about the latest openings. There are a lot of job boards out there, it’s nearly impossible to search them all. Up until now. Home is a job board search tool that will help you find exactly the job you’re looking for. It focuses on India based jobs and aggregates job postings from all the major job listings.

The way it works is you type in the keyword for the type of job you’re looking for and where you’re located. It will then display a series of postings. By clicking on them it takes you to the external site that hosts the job. So let’s say you’re a Java guru and live in Delhi. You can type in Java as your search term and Delhi as your location and it will promptly return a list of results. It also lets you browse for jobs. So, if you prefer, you can look for jobs in Delhi on the page designated for that.

At first glance Jobsearch is an exceedingly simply site. It just looks through job boards and displays the results for your review. As you look more closely you’ll start to notice it comes with a number of well thought out features. I was particularly impressed with the options they provide while searching. One example is you can search for jobs that include two terms- say Java and SQL, or you can have it exclude certain terms. So if you absolutely refuse to work on the Windows platform (we would completely understand why someone wouldn’t want to), you can type in “Linux NOT Windows.” This would only include jobs that contain the word Linux, but not those that contain Windows. (There’s something strangely satisfying about typing the phrase, “NOT Windows.”)

Beyond the sampling of searching tricks, there are also filters. Let’s face it, nobody has time to look through 17 pages of job search results. Well, if you’re unemployed then maybe you do, but that’s not the point. The point is it would be much more convenient to make the results more concise so you can focus your search. The filters are displayed down the left hand column so you can narrow your search. These include adjusting the date range, location, popular titles, type of job, source of the job listing, and education degree required. It also filters on Experience and Category. You can apply a filter for as many of these sections as you would like. Sample Results

Not satisfied with their already impressive aggregator, the Jobsearch folks decided to go completely over the top. Users can register for accounts, which allows them to save jobs for a later date and set up alerts. Most job searches carry on for a few weeks or months. Generally you’re looking for the same type of job in the same location. Thus, you can set up an alert so Jobsearch will email them directly to you. Registering for an account also tracks all your previous searches so you can readily click them to see the latest results.

Looking for a job usually isn’t all that fun. It takes a lot of work, persistence, and emotional stamina. Jobsearch has taken one aspect of your search and made it exceptionally easy to find jobs in India. It’s free for all to use and gives you the ability to quickly filter and organize your potential employers. Given how simple the site is, and how well its built, they are the only site people need during their job search.

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