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There are many aspects to running a business. You have clients to keep track of, projects to monitor and complete, and of course invoices to send out and collect on. This process typically begins with a spreadsheet and loose collections of documents. When most people go into business they do so because they’re experts in their particular field. They may or may not be particularly adept at managing all the documents and processes that comprise their business.

Truth be told, in software oriented crowds business management is sometimes looked down upon. Technically minded folks tend to think of it as easy and pedantic. To that end, there is some truth the redundancy of basic business processes. There’s really not that much creativity involved, nor problem solving either. Keeping track of administrative tasks is just one of those chores you have to do.

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But that perspective is only half the story. In fact there can be many problem solving opportunities in managing one’s business. Let’s say you have a client that you forgot to invoice for $2000 because your paperwork was disorganized. Or what about the time when you lost track of the client’s agreement that the design should consist of four screens, not eight. These types of problems are only all too common for those that don’t pay close attention to their business communications. The benefit to organizing your business quickly becomes clear as soon as these scenarios occur.

Fortunately, there are many options for managing staff and clients. Each offer various options and some are easier to implement than others. Today we discovered a site that’s designed for client and project based businesses- Kiwili.

Kiwili is a business management solution that is both well thought out and easy to use. It’s a simple and easy app that allows you to track all your clients, projects, staff, and invoicing through the same interface. It’s a client based system. What this means is to get started you add clients to the system. You are able to add all the contact and billing information so it is stored in one central place. After you’ve added a client then you can send them an estimate for the project you’re proposing. Once created this can be sent online or converted to a PDF. When it’s time to invoice them you can readily create invoices as well. It also allows you to track expenses, assigning them to specific projects.

So let’s say you send a client an estimate and they accept the work. Now you can create the project. The project view carries over all the estimates, invoices, and expenses, on top of including the project management steps. These include adding tasks, and team members to the project. Tasks are high level benchmarks for the project. For instance the first task might be to prepare three alternate homepage designs. Next you can create steps. These are calendar based items that keep the project on track.

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As the project progresses and tasks are accomplished eventually it’s time to close out the project. In my own client management experience there’s an art to getting a client to agree that the project is in fact complete. This is greatly facilitated by outlining exactly what tasks were accomplished, demonstrating that they were delivered as described and on schedule. The organization provided by Kiwili makes it easy to send detailed statements to demonstrate this. From there you can send out the final invoices and collect. Kiwili’s online invoicing system is integrated with Paypal so you can readily accept payments.

Managing one’s business can be a tedious and mundane process. Doing so has many benefits though. From knowing who to invoice, when, and for how much, to keeping track of the day to day activities of a project, Kiwili will help you manage it all. The client based nature of their service makes it easy to see the history with the client and track all aspects of the project. With Kiwili, managing your business is easy so you can focus on the more pressing parts of your business.

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